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Business Facts Finland: Living and working in Finland

Business Facts Finland: Living and working in Finland

Finland has a good reputation in terms of education and job security. Are you thinking about settling in the country with its beautiful landscape and diverse cultural life? Then you should first consult our business facts on living and working in the country.

Land and people

There are about 5.4 million people in Finland. With 17 inhabitants per km², it is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. More than two-thirds of the population live in cities, for example in the capital Helsinki which has 588,000 inhabitants. Finnish is the official language, together with Swedish.


As an EU citizen, you only need a valid ID card to enter Finland. If your stay lasts more than three months, you must register with the immigration authority. To do this, you must confirm your place of residence and provide proof of employment at the local registration office. After five years, you can apply for Finnish citizenship.


For many, the Finnish language will present a challenge because it has little in common with other languages. Its only distant relation is Hungarian, so one can’t generally rely on existing language skills (for example, the Latin languages). Only in very few professions is it really possible to get along without Finnish. Therefore, you should tackle the language head on and learn it - preferably before you relocate to Finland. The good news: The government and many employers are committed to providing reasonably priced language courses, so you can expect a lot of help in this respect.

Job market

Over 65% of employees in Finland work in the service sector. The following skilled workers are particularly in demand:

• Restaurant professionals

• Chefs

• Finance and accounting staff

• Teachers

• Nurses

In the south around the cities of Helsinki and Tampere there is an acute shortage of skilled workers. In Finland, many vacancies are not advertised, but are filled through relationships. Therefore, personal contacts in the country are valuable.

Income and tax

If you live in Finland for longer than six months, then you have to pay tax. The tax rate is between 8.5 and 31.5%.

Health insurance

As soon as you have a permanent residence in Finland, you are covered by the state health insurance (Kansaneläkelaitos KELA). You can apply for a health insurance card through the social security authority.

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