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Christmas greetings for customers: Things to note

Always send Christmas greetings by post

Even in the age of the internet and WhatsApp, Christmas greetings should always be sent via the good old-fashioned postal system. Electronic greetings come across as insincere and meaningless - a perception that even the addition of a personal note can’t change. A traditional greetings card is far better. It doesn’t have to include a full, hand-written letter; just a personal signature gives the Christmas greeting a very individual tone and signals to the recipient that it is not an anonymous mass circulation. In smaller companies, where fewer cards are sent, one or two personal sentences and handwritten words can emphasize the individual touch.

Consider Christmas greeting formality

Take care with levels of formality. Depending on the language, use the appropriate - formal or informal - form of you. It is important to note, however, that greetings should not be addressed to the individual alone. Family, partners and employees should always be included in the good wishes.

Plan and send Christmas greetings early

Early preparation when organizing Christmas greetings is important; the motto ‘the sooner, the better’ is particularly apt. Preparing your Christmas greetings at the beginning of November and having them enveloped one month later will save a lot of stress. The greetings should be on their way to the recipient at least two weeks before Christmas Eve. Greetings sent at the last minute are often missed in the pre-holiday hustle and bustle and therefore lose the desired effect.

The most appropriate images are neutral

When choosing a Christmas card, care should be taken to ensure that it doesn’t look cheap. Those who try to save money when buying cards may as well save the cost of both card and postage. Good-quality paper and an appealing image are an absolute must. The picture should not necessarily show Christian images such as a crib. Many people either do not have close ties to the church at all or belong to other religious communities. Therefore, a more neutral, seasonal picture is often more appropriate, for example, a winter landscape or a scene from a Christmas market. If you are prepared to do more work, you could also, for example, use a photo of the workforce in winter clothing with scarves and caps. The imagination knows no bounds!

Text should be personally and skillfully formulated

With text, care must be taken to ensure it includes a personal touch. If the writer is not particularly gifted in text composition, they should elicit help. Maybe there is a talented employee who would enjoy such a job. Otherwise, a professional could also be commissioned. Extreme caution is required for greetings in rhyming form. If they are skillfully and personally formulated, their impact can be spectacular. However, corny or clumsy rhymes are torturous for both the writer and the recipient, and will only earn pity or, even worse, ridicule. Such a Christmas greeting will never be considered sincere.

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