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Ideas for a successful debut

Ideas for a successful debut

The perfect opportunity to meet new coworkers and test out the working atmosphere? A debut! When done right, you can add a personal touch from the start and express your excitement about the new job. But when so many expectations are weighing on the event, the question arises: How can you celebrate your debut properly? We have tips and inspiration for you!

A successful debut: Speak to them through their stomachs

The classic: You serve food and drinks at your debut. And although the whole thing seems more or less worn out, it is up to you to make a statement with a gourmet debut. For the world offers more than finger food and dips! How about a debut with a motto, for instance? You could host a Mexican fiesta with authentic food and drink. Or you bank more on sweet ingredients and open a buffet of cake or donuts for your new colleagues to feast on. However, not everything has to be prepared and ready to be served. How about a cooking event together in the big office kitchen (if available) or in a suitable location? The most important thing here: It’s not the food that counts, but the connections created with your new colleagues through eating and talking.

Celebrate your debut: It doesn’t have to be a buffet!

A classic debut is too warmed over for you in the truest sense of the word? Then make an experience out of your debut and use the opportunity to show your new coworkers who you are as a person. If, for example, you do yoga with a passion, offer a debut hour for interested coworkers. Or you’re a hobby filmmaker or film lover? An evening at the movies with snacks and drinks will bring you and your colleagues together on a personal level. Of course, such experience debuts always depend on the respective venue as well as the possibilities available. For a debut, you don’t have to pull together a spectacular aha experience. Paying attention and showing appreciation are more than enough. Besides that, it’s important that your debut says something about you. Don’t try to be someone else!

A successful debut? You can succeed in a team!

Depending on the size of the company, several employees usually start shortly after one another. This is a good opportunity to come together as a team and surprise your coworkers with a double or triple debut. The pros: You can decide the planning together and divide up the jobs. In addition, you can put together something bigger with no problems because you’re splitting the work and the costs. However, the cons can be that you have less team-oriented new hires who turn the organization of the debut into an obstacle course. It can also be difficult to get involved and present yourself as an individual. That’s why it holds true: “Sniff” each other beforehand and check if a team debut is a good option for you.

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