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Films on demand, anywhere, anytime – this is both the present and the future in the world of video entertainment. CHILI, headquartered in Milan, is a young, dynamic enterprise, which offers customers the opportunity to buy or lease films to watch at their own convenience. Currently present in five European countries, the company has ambitious expansion plans.


Industrial Supplies

Boccard Polska Sp. z.o.o.

A century of excellence

While Boccard may not be a familiar name to all our readers, the companies that they work with are some of the biggest on the planet. From L’Oreal and Colgate to Avon, the familyowned French company Boccard has assisted them on their journey to global recognition. Founded in 1918, and with brothers Bruno and Patrick Boccard at the helm, they are preparing to celebrate their 100th anniversary. European Business spoke with Piotr Sledzinski, General Manager of Boccard Polska Sp. z. o.o., a sister company of Boccard SA about this intriguing and evolving company.

Health & Medical Industry


Digital integration for hospitals

There is hardly another place where efficiency is as vital as in the operating theater of a hospital. Since its foundation in 1991, Berlin-based S-CAPE® GmbH has focused on making operating rooms and other acute care areas more efficient through IT and has become the forerunner in its field, solving the digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Today S-CAPE® unifies powerful yet divergent hospital systems and devices to ensure the seamless and on-demand flow of key patient data into and from the operating theatre and the procedure room.

Information & Communication Technology


The future of air travel at your fingertips

With 3.7 billion passengers annually, which is set to double over the next few years, communication is critical in the air travel industry. From bookings and check-in to passenger lists and even messages to pilots about the weather and flight plans, everything must be connected. European Business spoke with Dave Bakker, President Europe for SITA, the cooperative responsible for the transmission of air travel communications across the world, to learn more about this vital operation and its fascinating technological innovations.



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Pandora Jewelry GmbH

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In this issue: Gleeds France SAS – Your partner for your building / D. Carnegie & Co AB – Refurbishment formula for safer suburbs / SLM Solutions Group AG – True child of digitization / Hast Retail, s.r.o. – Shopfitting as art / Hyundai WIA Europe GmbH – Banging the drum for Korean machine tools

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