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Company of the month

Vetroelite S.p.A.

Wrapping the world in glass

Glass is a proven packaging material for food, health and cosmetic products offering a variety of benefits. Nonporous, impermeable and resistant against chemicals, glass is safe packaging that reliably protects its content. Moreover, glass is a sustainable solution. It can be reused and recycled time and time again. Yet glass is far more than a safe solution. Glass ideally lends itself to creative decorations. Making the advantages of glass fully available, the Italian company Vetroelite S.p.A. has earned an excellent reputation for its creative solutions for glass bottles.


The interview itself was a pleasurable experience and the outcome was a great story in which our corporate identity was clearly exposed.

Carla van der Veen
Manager Sales and Marketing at Ilmo B.V.

Health & Medical Industry

Taconic Biosciences, Inc.

Therapeutics to space – rodents leading the way

In medical research the use of animals is indispensable to test the efficacy and determine potential side effects of new drugs before using them on humans. A global leader in rodent research models and, at the same time, a company with a conscience is Taconic Biosciences, Inc. The US-based corporation with overseas operations in Europe is committed to providing more relevant and more predictive models, thus contributing to reducing the number of animals needed in medical research. The company’s models are not only used by customers worldwide but even in space.

Textile Industry & Fashion

Kazar Footwear Sp. z o.o.

Design on the high-heels of success

Top quality, up-to-the-minute trends without designer prices – the dream for fashion aficionados the world over. The demands are high: unique style, statement fashions, a sense of luxury conveying a certain lifestyle. Kazar Footwear Sp. z o.o., which specializes in shoes, handbags and other leather accessories, has built a strong reputation for its avant-garde designs which rival the top design houses for fashion and quality, at prices that are affordable to young, successful professionals.

Industrial Supplies

Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA

Clockwork precision

Precision and an eye for the tiniest of details: Swiss watchmaking has always been regarded as the supreme discipline in precision mechanics. Its movement blanks for first-class mechanical watches, known the world over, come from Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA in Tramelan, Switzerland. The family company manufactures movement blanks and precision parts for Swiss watchmaking according to customers’ specifications.


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