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Backwards and forwards

It is a highly diversified family business with activities in logistics, IT, automation, manufacturing, e-commerce, temporary employment, tenancy and facility management. And it is both looking backwards and forwards. LB GmbH is committed to sustainable, long-term development of the company and keeping tried-and-tested family values alive. At the same time, the successful, medium-sized enterprise is focused on digitalization, and seizing the vast opportunities offered by this persistent trend which is affecting all areas of life – for its customers and for itself.



Gi Group Holding Srl

Innovating interaction in the labour market

Having access to a flexible workforce is important these days for any company that wants to expand or has to accommodate peaks in activity. Gi Group Holding Srl offers human resource solutions for the development of the labour market in 15 individual countries by itself, and through partners in up to 40 countries. Its first focus had been on filling temporary jobs in the automotive industry, which currently global activities still account for 70% of the company’s turnover. The company also specialized in logistics, telecommunication and fast-moving consumer goods. Plus it has market leadership and absolute excellence in the sector of fashion & luxury; the company has activities in this branch in every country it is present in. The Gi Group originated in and is still headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Industrial Supplies

Haarslev Industries A/S

Creating sustainable and useable products from waste

As an increasingly larger number of people take on the mindset of ‘use more, waste less’, industries that always existed but were rarely thought about began to move to the forefront of people’s minds. The rendering industry is one of those that is coming into view. Companies in the rendering industry take unusable parts of animals from slaughterhouses and make them into useable products. Haarslev Industries A/S, the market leader in the rendering sector, headquartered in Søndersø, Denmark, focuses not only on animal waste but also on environmental waste.

Tourism & Leisure

Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels

Royal time out

The view, the décor, the comfort, the food, that special something: those who treat themselves to an out-of-town break from everyday stress want the perfect, all round package. Not just the room, but the service, the extras and the ambience must hit the mark. The Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels in Tal der Loreley offers its guests a top-class experience, which includes being made to feel like royalty.


Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG

VARIOTWIN 4.0 – The first flat-roof mounting system with integrated clamps. >>

Pandora Jewelry GmbH

Radiant Elegance Drop Earrings >>

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Health & Medical Special 1/2017

In this issue: Omnicell, Inc. - Automation for better care / Accuray Europe SAS - Improving life for cancer patients / Bomi Italia S.p.A. - Handling health around the world / Getinge Group - The human face of healthcare

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