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Most people know the name Airbus from its commercial airplanes, but Airbus Defence and Space is another division within Airbus whose ‘Intelligence’ business cluster offers a comprehensive range of geospatial data and services and provides some of the world’s professional grade imagery. The intelligence unit operates out of its 18 offices across ten countries on five continents and a headquarter located in Toulouse, France.



POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. S.A. Oddział w Polsce

Successful Korean-European cooperation

European regulations no longer allow the establishment of new landfill sites and require EU member countries to build waste incineration plants. For Poland, there is a transitional period until 2020, but the first waste-to-energy plant has already been installed. The 250 million USD project was completed by the Polish subsidiary of POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. S.A. in 2016. Aiming to grow its overseas revenues, the South Korean engineering and construction group plans to build another five modern incineration facilities in the Eastern European country.

Automotive Engineering

GP Papenburg Maschinenbau GmbH

High performance, low emissions

Motor graders are special construction vehicles designed to create a smooth, wide, flat surface. They are used for road construction, forestry, mining and other challenging applications in rough environments. Europe’s undisputed leader in this sophisticated market, and one of the main global players, too, is GP Papenburg Maschinenbau GmbH. The company combines high performance with low emissions and manages to meet its customers’ most specific requirements.


Veolia Industries Global Solutions

A global specialist in integrated multi-technical services

How do you create a better environment for tomorrow whilst running a successful business today? This is a dilemma faced by many large organisations, how can they access the future benefits of more sustainable operations, boost their environmental credentials and take part in big ideas like the “Circular Economy” while also serving the need to reduce costs? The answer is to bring in a willing partner with the expertise and resources to support such a transformation. Veolia Industries Global Solutions, headquartered in Paris, offers tailored outsourcing solutions for facilities and utilities management.

Planer type boring mill

Portal milling machine in table design

Vertical turning/milling center

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Scandinavia 2017

In this issue: Hatteland – Increase efficiency, increase performance / Vattenfall Eldistribution AB – Superior electricity service in Sweden / Volvo Entreprenørmaskiner A/S – Equipment for every construction project / Pilgrim Export Aps – Made by hand from the heart

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