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hülsta-werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG

Home is where hülsta is

Defining innovation. Excellent craftsmanship. Sleek durability. These are phrases that easily describe hülsta, a premium-quality furniture manufacturer based in the northern German city of Stadtlohn. Founded in 1940, hülsta turned its humble origins as a carpentry business into a modern production plant that provides its customers with attractive, creative solutions for living and sleeping. hülsta draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration to maintain the highest of standards, consistently deliver fresh ideas to its customers and uphold a reputation that is synonymous with superiority.




A view from the top

Most people know the name Airbus from its commercial airplanes, but Airbus Defence and Space is another division within Airbus whose ‘Intelligence’ business cluster offers a comprehensive range of geospatial data and services and provides some of the world’s professional grade imagery. The intelligence unit operates out of its 18 offices across ten countries on five continents and a headquarter located in Toulouse, France.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Selle Royal Group

Facilitating the cycling lifestyle

One of the biggest challenges our cities face is the problem of traffic; the number of cars, buses and lorries on the roads increases constantly, and congestion and pollution impact us all. For a number of years, towns have been addressing the issue by encouraging the use of bicycles and providing a network of safe cycle paths. The result is an increase in the popularity of cycling to the extent that it has, for many, become a lifestyle choice, a preferred alternative to motorized transport. Selle Royal Group, an international manufacturer of cycling product categories, supports cyclists by understanding their needs and providing exactly what they require for a perfect cycling experience.

Health & Medical Industry

ISIS Diabète SAS

Hope for diabetes sufferers

Diabetes diagnoses are rising, with an estimated 300 million sufferers worldwide. When left untreated or poorly managed, diabetes has terrible consequences for patients. However, maintaining stable blood sugar levels requires a level of discipline that many people struggle with. ISIS Diabète SAS in France specializes in fitting and training patients in the use of the latest external insulin pumps to free them from a constrictive regime.

Planer type boring mill

Portal milling machine in table design

Vertical turning/milling center

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Italy 2017

In this issue: Grey Mer S.r.l. - Luxury at your feet / Selle Royal Group Head Office - Facilitating the cycling lifestyle / Ospedale Pederzoli SpA - From nursing home to hospital / Foruminvest Italia Srl - Investing in Italian shopping

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