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Kia Motors Europe GmbH

Breaking all records in no time

Today the most renowned Korean car brand worldwide, the history of Kia began in 1944 when the company was founded as a moped manufacturer and later turned to producing cars for the local market. More recently, Kia entered the worldwide market and became a global player within an incredibly short space of time, which Michael Cole, COO of Kia Motors Europe GmbH, Kia’s Frankfurt-based subsidiary and European business headquarters, recognizes. “The company continues to develop at a phenomenal rate,” he enthuses. For good reason: With a great price-performance ratio, excellent customer service and award-winning design, Kia is on its way to achieving a top position, and not only in the European market.




Making a mark on society with innovative architecture

The design and structure of our towns and cities has a far reaching-impact on the quality of life of citizens, so it is true to say that architects play a very important role at the core of society. One Swedish architectural firm has been making its mark on the environment for over 110 years – it is one of, if not the oldest architectural practice in the world. Nevertheless, Tengbom has its sights set firmly on the future. Not only has digitalization dramatically changed the world of building design in recent years, client expectations have increased. Tengbom takes its social, ecological and economic responsibilities, both to its clients and society as a whole, very seriously indeed.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Eleiko Group AB

Stronger – in sports and in life

Many people aim to be stronger and healthier – not only professional athletes but also the man or woman on the street. The fitness industry, therefore, is continuing to boom. One of the leading equipment suppliers to this global growth market is Eleiko Group AB, the only company certified by all three major international strength sport federations. Bringing together equipment, education and expertise, the Swedish enterprise aims to be the number one strength company – in both the professional and the commercial market.

Industrial Supplies

Vortex Hydra S.r.l.

Innovation made in Italy

Creative ideas and innovative approaches have led to many solutions that have made people’s lives easier. Thanks to top-performing engineering firms, many production processes have been optimized. Vortex Hydra S.r.l. with headquarters in Fossalta di Copparo, Italy, is among those companies that have helped customers save time and costs with innovative ideas in the design and development of products, machinery and plants. This year, the Italian firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary.



ASCARAPID P - Planer type boring mill >>

Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG

VARIOTWIN 4.0 – The first flat-roof mounting system with integrated clamps. >>

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In this issue: Gleeds France SAS – Your partner for your building / D. Carnegie & Co AB – Refurbishment formula for safer suburbs / SLM Solutions Group AG – True child of digitization / Hast Retail, s.r.o. – Shopfitting as art / Hyundai WIA Europe GmbH – Banging the drum for Korean machine tools

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