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Balsan Moquette

For comfort and colour underfoot

There is nothing more luxurious underfoot than wall-to-wall carpet. Soft, quiet and attractive to look at, textile floor coverings offer a range of functional advantages including noise reduction, enhanced comfort and thermal insulation. They can also be manufactured in an endless variety of colours and patterns. French carpet manufacturer Balsan Moquette in Arthon designs and produces textile floor coverings that are positioned at the haute couture end of the market. With a history that can be traced back to 1751, the company is one of the most experienced industrial carpet manufacturers in the business with a worldwide customer base.


Materials & Materials Processing

SlovTan Contract Tannery, s.r.o.

Gold-standard leather

The only seat covering material considered luxurious enough for a high-end automobile is leather. Even cars at the lower end of the price spectrum often have a leather steering wheel. Leather is hard-wearing, durable and pleasant to the touch. As a natural product, it is also extremely beautiful, especially when dyed. SlovTan Contract Tannery, s.r.o. in Slovakia carries out the contract tanning of hides for customers in the luxury goods, automotive, aviation and shoe industries and is known for the high quality of its work and its strong environmental record.

Health & Medical Industry

Probiotical S.p.A.

Restoring the natural balance

The human intestine plays host to billions of bacteria that help it to perform its function of digesting the food we eat and absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream. However, a host of factors can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut, leading to the kinds of intestinal problems such as bloating, cramping, diarrhoea and even more severe problems that affect so many people today. Probiotical S.p.A. is part of Group Movin Alce, a major Italian industrial and research concern active in the dairy industry. Probiotical exploits 30 years of research to produce probiotic lactic acid bacteria aimed at restoring the natural intestinal flora essential to healthy digestion.

Industrial Supplies

Hranipex a.s.

Rounding off the edges for furniture makers

From a small garage company to a top company in Europe in little more than 20 years – no mean feat, and evidence that Hranipex a.s., located in the Czech Republic, offers its customers something very special. That special something is premium service. The manufacturer and distributor of furniture edgings provides its clients with an unparalleled choice of top-quality products, delivered quickly and reliably, with experienced specialists on hand to advise customers on the best solutions for their individual requirements.


Pandora Jewelry GmbH

Signature Ring >>

Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG

VARIOTWIN 4.0 – The first flat-roof mounting system with integrated clamps. >>


ASCATURN - Vertical turning/milling center >>

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