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Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG

1001 kilowatt…

At the beginning of this year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) passed their new Energy Strategy 2050. Vice President Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced investments of around 153 billion EUR into renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and the traffic infrastructure until 2050. According to the new strategy, the share of the renewable energy forms is planned to increase from currently 25% up to 50%. The Dubai Emirate is particularly ambitious. It aims to source around 75% of the needed energy from renewable resources until 2050. The Solardirekt Energy GmbH & Co. KG from Rheine in Germany is a leading manufacturer of sustainable assembly systems for photovoltaic plants. Thanks to its innovative solutions which are easy to handle and made of recyclable plastic, the company is enjoying increasing demand from the UAE.


Health & Medical Industry


Optimum conditions for quality and safety

Incubators and climate chambers are widely used in research to breed cells and assess their reaction to different environmental conditions. They are also very common in many industrial sectors to perform product tests, such as a mobile phone that is exposed to fluctuating temperatures or readily flammable materials that are tested for safety. The global number 1 specialist in this high-tech market is BINDER GmbH. With its highly engineered simulation devices, the medium-sized family enterprise enables its customers to improve product quality, reliability and safety.

Textile Industry & Fashion

Isaia & Isaia S.P.A.

Strictly for gentlemen who like anything but the norm.

In a world of rules and expectations it takes a man of character to break the mould and express his true self. The way he styles his hair, shapes his beard or wears his fabric says a lot about who he really is. Does he simply fit in or does he dare to be different? Does he accept or does he think for himself? Does he follow in footsteps or does he define the path? Isaia & Isaia S.P.A. has been tailoring to men’s sartorial needs since the 1920s with the philosophy to not set rules but help men discover their own style. And now it is famed the world over for doing exactly this by combining Neapolitan tailoring tradition with modern-day fashion.

Industrial Supplies

Everel Group S.p.A.

30 years of customer focus

It is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – 30 years of constant technological innovation and progress. Everel Group S.p.A. offers a wide choice of electronic and electromechanical components and custom sub-systems for different applications and markets. The secret of its success lies in excellent customer orientation and an extensive product range that meets most of the requirements from a single source.

Planer type boring mill

Portal milling machine in table design

Vertical turning/milling center

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Scandinavia 2017

In this issue: Hatteland – Increase efficiency, increase performance / Vattenfall Eldistribution AB – Superior electricity service in Sweden / Volvo Entreprenørmaskiner A/S – Equipment for every construction project / Pilgrim Export Aps – Made by hand from the heart

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