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Trusted Data for the entire supply chain

Product identification has been digital for many years now. In fact, bar codes celebrate 40 years as the global language of business this year, which allows businesses to recognize products and understand their details, with up to 6,000 unique attributes that could be associated to any product. This ability is enabled by a global standard, developed and managed by the not-for-profit GS1 organizations. Today, consumers demand information on what they are buying in order to ensure family safety and make smart economic purchases to buy the best product. The biggest challenge faced is the ability to support those organizations that manage and distribute product data to consumers, to ensure that the product data that is delivered is authentic and trustworthy. 1WorldSync Holding Inc. is a company that is dedicated to improving the shopping experience for today’s connected consumer. 1WorldSync is the global leader in the distribution of product data today, helping businesses exchange the data necessary to operate an efficient supply chain via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN).