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“We have never told a client it can’t be made.” This is the vision of 3D Systems Italia SRL, a 3D printing company located near Turin, Italy. For more than 20 years, 3D Systems Italia has brought the future to the present by remaining at the forefront of 3D printing technology in order to provide numerous sectors with time and cost-efficient solutions.

A prototype using SLA technology including finish

If an object can be designed on a computer, it can probably also be 3D printed. 3D Systems Italia SRL brings a myriad of digital renderings to life using cutting-edge technology and machinery. The company got its start in 1994 when founder Giorgio Buson established Provel SRL, a rapid prototyping service.

“Everything started with my father’s idea. He saw a stereo-lithography – also called SLA – 3D print at an exhibition and proposed its introduction to the Italian market. Back then, however, no one employed this technology. He also suggested the use of another related technology known as vacuum casting. Today, years later, we still do the same thing,” explains Giorgio’s son and 3D Systems Italia Sales Manager Alessandro Buson.

The company also makes use of newer 3D printing techniques, such as selective laser sintering, also known as SLS. A major milestone occurred for Provel in 2010 when it was acquired by 3D Systems, an American company that invented 3D printing in the 1980s.

Provel, which was already the largest in the European market, was the first company 3D Systems acquired in Europe, which was a testament to Provel’s superior products and methodologies.

“The acquisition has broadened our range, and we are now a one-stop shop for everything that has to do with 3D technology, including software and printing,” Mr. Buson notes.

A stereolithography model of the Fiat 500L with aesthetic finish
Car part made using SLS and SLA technology

3D Systems Italia concentrates on products in the automotive sector, where headlights, bumper or bodywork, and many other parts composed of plastic are in demand. 3D printing has many other applications, however, and the company also works in the household appliances, healthcare, design and fashion, and energy, oil and gas industries.

“3D printing technology is applicable in all sectors, and any company that has to develop a new product or part within a short period of time is our ideal client,” points out Mr. Buson.

3D Systems Italia has rightfully earned its number one spot in the Italian market, and it is one of the top competitors in Europe. “Our clients come to us because of our vast experience. We have been in this sector for more than 20 years, and we have seen everything! And our clients know that experience translates into quality. Compared to our competitors, we offer a full variety of services and technologies. We don’t have to convince the client that our solution is the best,” emphasizes Mr. Buson.

3D Systems Italia is continually investing in its growth, for example with the introduction of a machine for metal printing. It is exactly this dynamism that drives Mr. Buson. “I possess an emotional tie, since Provel was founded by my father, so I saw the company start and grow. It is a very interesting market and world, and I look forward to the constant influx of new products and new challenges,” he highlights.

Making 3D Production Real
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