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9 reasons for a salary increase

9 reasons for a salary increase

European Business Listicle 25/2019

Do you have the feeling that your work is worth more and that you should be asking for more financial recognition? We have put together some possible reasons and arguments for a salary increase, with which you can convince your manager.

1. Your contribution to positive changes

If a company experiences positive change, for example achieves a higher turnover, the employees should also profit because their work has contributed to that success. Use this argument and consider what specific contribution you have made. Have you secured new customers or contracts, or worked on profitable solutions for the company? Put forward these concrete facts as an argument.

2. Your contribution to cost savings

Alongside profit maximization, cost savings are the most important goal of any company. If your work has enabled your company to save a huge amount of money, it is worth thinking about renegotiating your salary. Be prepared to prove it with hard facts.

3. You have gained more qualifications

Well-qualified employees are essential for any future-oriented organization. The better the employees, the better the company. A good argument is, therefore, that at work you gain valuable experience every day; this continuous learning enables you to develop the skills to optimize your work processes. In addition, you should continue your professional development, and invest time in courses and workshops.

4. Your responsibilities have increased

Over the course of your working career, have you taken on more responsibility within the company? That speaks volumes for your abilities. The larger your area of work, the higher the performance that is demanded of you. Additional tasks should mean more money. In this case, it is worth having a discussion about an increase in salary.

5. You ensure customers

are satisfied Optimal care of existing customers is highly important for the current and future success of a company. If you get positive feedback from clients, this should be incorporated as an argument in your next salary negotiation.

6. You ensure that goals are achieved

During a negotiation, it is advisable to emphasize that your ideas are not only taken on board, they are also actioned. This shows that you think things through and actively work towards the achievement of company goals.

7. You have been with the company for a long time

The longer you work for an employer, the better you know them. That suggests a deeper relationship and level of trust between you and the team. In a salary negotiation, you should therefore argue that you have already achieved a lot over a long period of time, and that you want to develop the relationship further in the future - a goal which should be underpinned through a fair salary.

8. You have received a promotion

Your manager offers you a promotion or a change of role? Use this opportunity and the associated discussion to request a salary increase. With a new position comes new tasks and responsibilities.

9. You get a new manager

If a new manager joins the organization, the team structure and distribution of tasks often changes too, because with someone new, the vision and values can change. Speak with the new manager about their goals and how you can help implement them. This is another argument for a salary increase.

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