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About us

A personal view on business


European Business is the B2B economics medium for Europe and beyond. For the past 30 years, we have focused particularly on small and medium-sized companies in various countries. Our editors are in constant communication with entrepreneurs, executives and managers. Direct, personal contact is important to us, which is why we speak directly with decision-makers from industry, trade and the service sector.

Besides news, trends and innovation from SMEs, European Business presents unique strategies, concepts and ideas that clever executives and managers can use to keep their company on the winning track and fit for the future. With this setup, we provide our readers with competent background information, analyses and insider knowledge as a decision-making aid and stimulus for day-to-day business.

International Business Media GmbH is part of the Brinkmann Group, which is active in four different lines of business. These include: real estate, asset management, renewable energy and the media sector. The first company of the Brinkmann Group was founded by Manfred J.P. Brinkmann 30 years ago.


A discussion to inspire

Interview with Manfred J.P. Brinkmann

European Business is one of Europe’s most international business magazines providing its readers worldwide with a global business perspective on people, companies and ideas that are shaping the economic development in Europe. For more than 30 years, our publication has been a must-read for managers and decision makers, for sales and marketing professionals and representatives of international and export-oriented enterprises.

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