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Adler Ortho S.R.L.

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Prostheses 4.0 – made in Italy

For centuries, people have been replacing missing or non-functional parts of the body. Even the ancient Egyptians used wooden prostheses. Today, an implant or prosthesis is much more than just a simple spare part. A prosthesis is a high-tech device that can be controlled with muscular strength. Experts are sure that one day, patients will be able to move or control their prostheses with their thoughts. Adler Ortho S.R.L., based in Cormano, Italy, offers a wide range of prosthesis products all based on state-of-the-art technologies. The company is particularly well-known for its innovative hip prostheses. The history of the family enterprise reads like a story of innovations. Now that the company is well-established in Europe, it aims to gain ground in the overseas markets.