Grand Casino Brussels Viage

Let the games begin
Winning is not the only reason for visiting one of the grand old casinos that were meeting places of the rich and powerful in the good old days. However, Grand Casino Brussels Viage has kept this tradition alive. Since 2006, the casino has had its home in Brussels, but only after its move to a newly renovated listed building in the heart of Brussels some years ago, it has been shining again in all its glory. Today, the Viage is the largest ca casino in Belgium with a 50% market share, offering a broad range of games, pleasant culinary experiences and a relaxed atmosphere for business events and private parties.

Materials & Materials Processing


Opening doors in all places
While in the past it was the simple lock that kept unwanted visitors out, complex security and safety solutions have rocketed lately. Reacting to the rising demand for sophisticated mechanical and electromechanical door closing and opening solutions, ASSA ABLOY, one of the global leaders in door opening solutions, has identified key products that make its customers’ world safer, more secure and more convenient. In Belgium, its subsidiary ASSA ABLOY nv, headquartered in Nieuwpoort, offers the complete range of locks, cylinders, door control systems and more, bringing safety to private and industrial properties in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Interior & Garden

Modular Lighting Instruments NV

In love with light
When you first enter an impressive building, many features may strike you: high ceilings, striking colours or unusual shapes. However, the component that often pulls everything together and gives the premises its unique ambiance is the lighting. Light has a huge impact and can make or break the atmosphere. It takes significant expertise to design and produce lighting solutions that really enhance and turn an attractive structure into a truly awe-inspiring one. Modular Lighting Instruments NV, based in Roeselare, Belgium, thrives on such challenges and is in its element when given the opportunity to demonstrate its love of light.


Entreprise Générale DHERTE SA

The right build
Flexibility, diversification, family spirit and a one-stop-shop approach – these are the secrets of success for Entreprise Générale DHERTE SA which enable the long-standing company to realize continuous growth. The general contractor and building constructor based in the Belgian town of Flobecq combines traditional values and skills with a high capacity for innovative and modern technology in order to find and deliver the best solutions to its customers.

Finance & Real Estate

Compagnie Belge d’Assurances Aviation SA

Insured for take-off
An unmanned aircraft flies over a field of corn, mapping areas of weed infestation. Another hovers under a bridge, checking for signs of structural damage. A third swoops over a crowd of spectators and films a sporting event. Drone technology was never far from the headlines in 2015, and its non-military uses are bound to grow still further in 2016 and beyond. As usual, regulatory bodies have been caught napping with regard to this popular new trend and are now scrambling to set out a legal framework. In light of several high-profi le accidents, a liability insurance requirement is the very least that can be expected. Aviation insurance specialist Compagnie Belge d’Assurances Aviation SA (Aviabel) is, as usual, ahead of the curve and already offers drone insurance as part of its portfolio.

European Business


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