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Business in Belgium


Engineering sustainable cycles

In the near future, all buildings have to be neutral in their use of energy and today we are still far away from reaching that goal. However, Belgian engineer Nicolas Vyncke sees an irreversible transition taking place in the construction sector. The field of engineering has a huge contribution to offer to this necessary progress. His company Ingenium NV is headquartered in Bruges, Belgium, and has two subsidiaries: Electrium BVBA is specialized in smart electric grids and Industrium BVBA in energy efficiency and sustainability for the industrial sector.


How to turn a wall into décor

Thanks to recent advances in the fields of design and printing, wallpaper is experiencing a much-anticipated resurgence in the world of interior decorating, due its versatility in application and aesthetic appeal. The Grandeco Wallfashion Group offers home owners and design professionals alike the chance to express themselves more vividly than ever before by integrating a wide-variety of patterns and rich textures seamlessly into any living space.


Inspecting production with excellent vision

Inspection and quality control has always been a vital step in every production process. While historically this was undertaken manually by trained personnel with a keen eye, the advent of high-tech products and manufacturing processes means that special equipment is now necessary to inspect products to the required level of detail. Belgian company Euresys S.A. is an expert in inspection solutions for automated production processes.


Building software that is open and transparent

When it comes to business software, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, and upgrades or adaptations further down the line are inevitable. That is why any solution must be futureproof and tailored to the client’s needs. This is the goal of the ERP software supplied by RGWiT SERVICES, a Belgian software development company set up by Ruvenss G. Wilches in 2016 to develop affordable software for small business with the philosophy of open-source solutions in mind.


Growing wider and deeper

When automation is not one’s core business, one requires an independent and trusted partner who is involved in the long run. Process Automation Solutions NV works for major players in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and fine chemical industry, supplying automation and factory automation services. The company is headquartered near Antwerp and owned by the Germany-based PA Group (part of the Canadian stock-listed ATS Group).


Global protection from fire, explosion and overpressure

The dangers of fire, explosion and overpressure are well-known in a number of industries, and the technology that protects against these dangers is correspondingly mature. However, as in any technological field, there is always room for improvement and space in which to distance oneself from competitors through superior quality and service. This is the goal of the American fire, explosion and overpressure protection specialist, the Fike Corporation. Founded in 1945 and headquartered in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, it now has a global remit with a client list of blue-chip, Fortune 500 companies. It has been represented in the European market by Fike Europe BVBA since 1984.

Interview with Nadira Azermai, CEO of ScriptBook

Writing new chapters in the film business: Storytelling meets AI

Have you ever wished for a quick glance into the future before making an important decision? In business in particular, a reliable crystal ball would certainly be a bestseller. Belgian company ScriptBook does not offer any magical items, but generated predictive algorithms for the film entertainment industry, which allow script analysis and financial forecasts. In an interview with European Business CEO Nadira Azermai explains how artificial intelligence (AI) works, why the film industry is constantly afraid of the technological future, and if one of her favourite movies would pass the check by ScriptBook.


Making waves

For retailers selling the right brands, sportswear and sports equipment sales are booming. In a crowded market, there are some brands that have become synonymous with their sport. Such is the case for Speedo, which is indelibly associated with swimming and highly regarded as the top brand in the sport. All Sport Benelux NV has been distributing Speedo products to retailers in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands for the past 50 years. It has played a significant role in the success of not just Speedo but also of other leading sporting brands such as Nike.


Treating water carefully

The demand for environmentally friendly wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting solutions is growing fast all over the world – especially in places which are not connected to the public water supply and wastewater systems. Eloy Water s.a. is operating successfully in both segments of the global water industry, providing high-quality, efficient and easy-to-install solutions that contribute to sustainable development and the careful use of scarce resources at home and abroad.


Big cheese – Belgian cheese

Trappist beers, chocolate, waffles, frites – Belgium is wellknown for many culinary delights. Much less known is the country’s cheesemaking tradition that – like the beer – originated centuries ago in the Trappist monastic tradition. There are more than 80 tasty cheese varieties today, and among the most famous ones is Passendale cheese, named after the village where it originated. Savencia Benelux, based in Brussels with production in Passendale, is a true expert in the tradition of making the most tempting Passendale cheese.