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Business in Belgium


Investing in urban renewal

After a sustained period of low interest rates, the building sector is booming. Property values have continued to balloon as investors seek out this traditionally high-performing vehicle. In Belgium’s densely populated metropolitan areas, property development opportunities are focused on infill sites or urban regeneration projects. These are the areas of expertise of IMMOBEL NV. The property development company has been active in the Belgian real estate market for more than 150 years and has shaped its towns and cities more than any other company.


Building visions and values

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the world’s most economically powerful cities alone account for 75% of global GDP – and will generate 86% of worldwide GDP growth between 2015 and 2030. Given this, cities are the engine of economic performance – and they constantly change. Economic and business trends and advancing technology significantly shape them. Atenor S.A. from Belgium is an experienced real estate developer that aims to create liveable and sustainable cities within cities – smart cities that can improve the quality of urban life.


Keeping trade afloat

The world’s oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface. Since humanity lives on such a water-dominant planet, it makes sense that the oceans heavily influence our lives. The seas are sources of food, entertainment and transportation. Not being able to move goods via the water would severely limit trade between countries, cause many businesses to fail and make life much more inconvenient for the consumer. Zuidnatie NV, based in Antwerp, has offered complete and individualized logistic services in all areas of cargo handling since 1870. The company guarantees high-quality services and security while handling its customers’ goods.


Pure nature, pure taste

Consumer habits have changed significantly in recent years. The shift to healthier eating is impressive. There is great emphasis on fresh, organic food that is free of artificial flavours. The demand for organic produce appears to be rising across all sectors. Fromagerie Biologique de Vielsalm has long adapted to this development – by developing tasty organic cheeses.


From primary food processing to retail packaging: optimizing the production line

Innovation does not always result in a single solution for just one application – it can open doors to many other useful creations that benefit a broader audience. So what started off as the invention of a simple machine designed to eradicate a severe infestation affecting orchards in a valley in California in 1884 gave rise to a company that, by 1930, had emerged as one of the largest global suppliers of food processing equipment. Today the company, appropriately named after its founder John Bean or better known as the JBT Corporation, achieves a 1.5 billion USD annual turnover as a multinational. Some major satellite operations are located in Europe: Amsterdam in the Netherlands; Parma, Italy; Sint-Niklaas, Belgium; and Helsingborg, Sweden.


Superb after-sales

Costly equipment, such as earthmoving machinery or complex material handling systems, needs to perform reliably to earn money. BIA n.v. is focused on the top brands in this sector and distributes high-quality equipment in the Benelux and Africa. What truly sets the Belgian company apart from the competition, however, is its unrivalled after-sales service where it employs 75% of its staff.


We are the car family

In Kortrijk, Tournai and at five other locations in the southwest of Belgium, one name in particular has become a synonym for the Peugeot brand. Garage Vandecasteele NV is the partner of choice for Peugeot customers. In addition, the family-run company has developed into a premium leasing company, servicing corporate and private customers alike. Today, value-added services and a strong focus on the needs of all customers have turned into keywords for Vandecasteele’s success in the new and used car markets.