Tourism & Leisure

Radisson Blu Resort, Split d.d.

Come for the view, stay for the service
When on holiday, a relaxing setting surrounded by beautiful scenery is a dream come true. Combine these two things with a resort that is top-of-the-line with superb service and you have the recipe for a lifetime of happy memories. The Radisson chain of hotels and resorts carries a reputation of quality and luxury, while still remaining affordable. The destination of Croatia lures travelers with its gorgeous weather, perfect beaches, historical background and energizing night life. Radisson Blu Resort, Split d.d., gives its guests the ultimate getaway experience, book today and get ready to unwind.


Elcotech GmbH Deutschland

Support around the clock
2016 was a year to celebrate for Elcotech GmbH Deutschland, as the company could look back on 20 successful years in business. 20 years full of commitment to electrotechnical system assembly – quite an achievement in a market that is subject to rapid changes and continuous development. By adding repair and maintenance services to its portfolio, Elcotech has manifested itself as a versatile player in project planning that also serves its international clientele 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Health & Medical Industry

Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases

A matter of the heart
The human heart is a surprisingly fragile organ. Unrequited love can break it, but a new crush can make it skip a beat. Some people have a heart of stone, and others wear it on their sleeve. There is no cure for these ailments, but modern medicine is working to treat other heart problems, such as arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy. Doctors have been fighting diseases of the heart for years, and Magdalena Clinic for Cardiovascular Diseases in Krapinske Toplice, Croatia, is one of the contenders in the battle. The first private clinic in Croatia for cardiological and vascular diseases opened its doors nearly 20 years ago to offer patients top-of-the-line care – a topic that the clinic views as a matter of the heart.

Information & Communication Technology

Siemens Convergence Creators

Siemens Convergence Creators engineer opportunities for the digital age
As our world is becoming ever more digitalized, turning massive amounts of data into value has become a key success factor. Siemens Convergence Creators offers intelligent solutions to a variety of industries in telecommunications, media, transportation and space technology. Its clients benefit from applications that vastly improve efficiency, data security and quality. Aware of the fact that industry needs software that can run on any IT or communication structure, the company converges communications and solutions.


Zagrebgradnja d.o.o.

Croatian excellence in construction
Thanks to its versatile landscape and historic sights, Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Especially the region of Istria draws on a long tradition in tourism. Zagrebgradnja d.o.o. is a wellestablished construction company based in Zagreb. Offering a wide range of construction services, the company is involved in many different projects. In recent years, the construction of tourist facilities and hotels has been a mainstay of the business.

European Business


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