Trade & Consumer Goods


Bikes for a bohemian sense of freedom
Bohemianism first became a notable way of living at the end of the 19th century and has since then described a lifestyle of come-what-may freedom. Bohemians tend to be artistically minded and prefer not to tie themselves to any one location. The region of Bohemia makes up the majority of the Czech Republic today and has little in common with the bohemian lifestyle – with one exception: BOHEMIA BIKE a.s. The Czech company offers bicycles that put the rider in touch with their inner bohemian to enjoy the freedom of the trip, whether on a commute or a mountainside.

Textile Industry & Fashion

Bernhardt Fashion CZ, s.r.o.

Dress for success
‘You’ve never looked so good!’ That would be the comment on peoples’ lips after slipping into a tailor-made suit. If you have never experienced tailored clothing, give it a try, you will feel and see the difference. When wearing a suit, it is often for an occasion when you want to look your best. If you want to look like a million bucks without having to spend it, then it is time to visit Bernhardt Fashion CZ, s.r.o., headquartered in the Czech Republic.

Industrial Supplies

Wikov Industry a.s.

Meeting changing needs
Wikov Industry a.s. has an impressive portfolio of gearboxes and drivetrains for a wide variety of industries. Anticipating a consolidating market where the big players will become even bigger, the Czech company is strengthening its position by further extending its range of products. By increasing the number of standard components that can be easily combined and customized, Wikov will be shortening delivery times and making its prices even more competitive.

Energy & Environmental Engineering


Water treatment project managed
Water quality in industrialized nations is generally taken for granted. However, the process for achieving high standards of cleanliness and purity is not so straightforward, and it requires significant expertise to ensure that the treatment process results in water that is safe to use while not adversely impacting the environment. VWS MEMSEP s.r.o., based in Prague, designs and project manages the installation of water treatment plants within the Czech Republic, Eastern Europe and beyond. This year, MEMSEP celebrates its 25-year anniversary.

Tourism & Leisure

Hotel Savannah **** Deluxe Trans World Hotels & Entertainment, a.s.

A hotel fit for both business and leisure
The hotel industry is finally picking up again after a long economic recession. Families are starting to take vacations again, and businesses are resuming their routines of organizing off-site conferences and sending employees around the world. Therefore, hotels must provide an impressive array of amenities in order to keep up with the competition, and Hotel Savannah, located in the Czech Republic, does just that. Its luxurious facilities attract a clientele made up of both businesspeople and families.

European Business


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