Hélicoptères de France

Masters of the sky
Especially in mountain areas, many jobs could not be accomplished without helicopters. Thanks to their manoeuvrability and robustness, they are ideal for use in diffi cult environments or emergency situations. Nationwide, Hélicoptères de France in Tallard is a demanded air service partner, especially for jobs in diffi cult environments and emergency situations. Thanks to the integration into the HBG group, the company aims to gain ground abroad in the coming years.

Health & Medical Industry

Aiglon SAS

Perfectly pure
Petroleum jelly, which is also known under the brand name Vaseline, is a mixture of solid and liquid hydrocarbons which is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants, coatings and many other products. In France, there is only one supplier producing the highly versatile substance: Aiglon SAS. The medium-sized enterprise sets itself apart through the unparalleled purity of its products which are so safe they could even be consumed by humans.


Le Centre International de Deauville

Making business a pleasure in Normandy
Deauville is a commune of only a few thousand people in northwestern France’s Normandy. The seaside resort – the one closest to Paris – is home to a beautiful harbour, a race track, casinos and hotels, and is known as “the queen of Norman beaches.” Located on the Côte Fleurie (the Flowery Coast) and referred to as the Parisian riviera, Deauville is the stunning site of Le Centre International de Deauville, or C.I.D, an 18,000 m2 venue for conferences, festivals, concerts and other gatherings.

Industrial Supplies

Welding Alloys Group

For welds that last
There are few companies worldwide that can rival Welding Alloys for its experience and expertise in welding consumables, welding equipment and wear protection solutions. Founded in England in 1966, the company established its first foreign subsidiary in France in 1973. Today, Welding Alloys Group operates three production plants in Europe and serves customers around the globe. The company is a leading global specialist for low and high alloyed core wires and automated welding equipment for surfacing and joining applications.


TLV Euro Engineering France SARL

Full steam ahead
They are basically nothing more than automatic valves that discharge condensate and some non-condensable gasses; however, steam traps are crucial for many different applications. TLV France is a prominent supplier of steam engineering products and services. Based in Saint Priest near Lyon, TLV is an expert in steam-related challenges.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Les Harpes Camac

A sound to harp on about
Whether you associate them with Ireland, angels or dream sequences on sitcoms, harps have a long and varied history. They have been used as musical instruments for more than 5,000 years, and no single continent or nation can lay claim to the harp’s origination. For an instrument so widely known and familiar in sound, there are few producers of harps in the world – five, to be exact. Among them is Les Harpes Camac in Mouzeil, France.

Trade & Consumer Goods


Fireproof and self-made
What if you develop a quality product and cannot find a suitable manufacturer for it? You can either abandon your plans or start your own production. VD-INDUSTRY decided to go for the latter. The former engineering firm for fire-resistant glazed closures now produces its own, certified fireproof doors, windows and walls and has safetyconscious customers all over Europe.

Finance & Real Estate

DNCA Finance SA

Conviction-based management and risk control
After the last financial crisis, investors have become more careful. They prefer partners who follow a long-term strategy. Here DNCA, based in Paris, comes into the game. The company is the market leader nationwide in European funds. In the coming years, the finance expert aims to flex its muscles still further and gain ground outside France. Following a sustainable strategy, DNCA will focus on European equities. Only recently, the company’s fund “DNCA Invest Europe Growth”, a growthoriented European equity fund, qualified for the French stock saving program PEA and was rated five stars by Morningstar on the occasion of its third anniversary. Since its public offering, the fund has been showing a performance of 59.78%.



Attention to display
To highlight small items like cosmetics or jewellery, retailers use various display methods. French company Chaudesaigues builds high-quality showcases and stands for this purpose, mainly of bronze and brass. The company’s products can be found in large department stores in Europe and the United States. Focusing on cosmetics, Chaudesaigues works with all the big brands, including Chanel, Giorgio Armani and LancÔme. In the near future, the company will also realize projects for private individuals, such as bathrooms and unique pieces of furniture.

Materials & Materials Processing

HD Cladding

Glimmer at the end of the tunnel
The oil and gas market is experiencing a massive price decline – a development with serious impacts on several industries. One company that is immediately affected by the structural crisis of the oil and gas industry is HD Cladding. The French company is a cladding specialist and has long been a much sought-after partner of subcontractors of oil platforms and oil producing companies. HD Cladding faces the crisis with competence, commitment and the spirit of realistic optimism. Today, after a tough period, the company can see glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.

European Business


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