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Business in France


The show must go on

In May 2017, Emmanuel Macron became France’s new president. After the results of the election came in he gave his first speech – to a cheering crowd of thousands in front of the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris. During this historic speech, Macron was standing on a mobile stage developed and produced by Europodium SAS. In the past, the Alsace-based company has provided platforms to entertainers and politicians from Angela Merkel, François Hollande and Vladimir Putin to Pope Francis.


Switching on to new technology

Founded over 70 years ago, French switch box manufacturer Grolleau SAS reached a crucial turning point in 1997 when it began supplying the telecommunications industry. Today, telecommunications customers account for 50% of its turnover, and the company takes pride in its innovation in the face of new technology.

Europvin S.A.S.

Enjoy the best wines from the Old World

Great Bordeaux wines and lovely sherries are loved by European wine connoisseurs, but they are equally in demand as far away as the USA, Japan or China. For Europvin S.A.S., it has always been an affair of the heart to export wines from the finest French and Spanish wineries to customers abroad. As a dedicated wine trader, the company uses its extensive knowledge on wines and on logistics and marketing to guarantee smooth shipping at any time.


Oven excellence to feast your eyes on

They say you eat with your eyes. Well, thanks to La Cornue’s range of oven solutions for your home, you are able to cook with them too. France’s love affair with food is famous the world over and this passion for meal-time excellence has led to some fabulous creations on dinner tables around the globe. It also led to Albert Dupuy designing the first vaulted gas ovens back in 1908 and, 50 years ago, his son setting out on a mission to create the most beautiful oven ranges there are. Today, La Cornue is finding creative ways to provide masterpieces in your kitchen; so you can do exactly the same.


No chance for damp

It can occur in any poorly ventilated house, no matter how grand or ordinary – mould, a result of moisture that can lead to serious health problems. According to the World Health Organisation a large number of cases of childhood asthma are caused by exposure to indoor damp and mould. The earlier the mould is detected and removed the better. Murprotec SA in France is a European leader in damp-proofing treatment.


Stand out from the crowd with innovative in-store marketing

Competition in the retail sector is fierce; in the luxury segment, the battle for customers is particularly intense. Image is all-important, and marketing plays a significant role in the quest to attract customers. Point of purchase (POP) advertising has become more innovative than ever over recent years, and many retailers have turned to in-store marketing specialists to ensure their products are presented in the most eye-catching manner. French company MEDIA6 offers the full spectrum of in-store marketing services, ensuring its customers’ products really stand out from the crowd.


IT: Thinking big for small players

Creating an effective IT infrastructure is always challenging, but particularly so for small and mid-sized organizations, which rarely have the necessary in-house expertise. With 20 years’ experience as an IT infrastructure service provider to larger French corporates, Quantic Support SAS is now turning its focus to helping smaller firms optimize their IT infrastructure.


Winegrowers in charge of excellent Champagnes

Being in business means having matters in your own hands as much as possible. In the world of Champagne, the blenders and traders are traditionally the major players. In contrast, Champagne Jacquart is a cooperative organization of 1,800 vineyard owners who want to be in charge of the value creation of their own Champagne. They joined forces to be able to compete with the big players and formed a company which is headquartered in Reims.


The last mile makes the difference

For most manufacturers and suppliers, after-sales support is a fundamental element of their service. This often necessitates the replacement of parts, and speed is of the essence. Equipment downtime almost always results in a financial loss. The ability to access and deliver spare parts quickly and efficiently is therefore critical. Many companies in France rely on the services of LM2S SAS headquartered in Garonor near Paris CDG airport. LM2S specializes in last mile logistics, a niche market which the company has really made its own in France and is now looking to offer on foreign markets.


Totally nuts

1979 was the year that ten plum producers from southwestern France decided to diversify their production and attempt to grow hazelnuts. This was the birth hour of Unicoque (Union des fruits à coque, meaning ‘Union for edible nuts’). Based in Cancon, the cooperative quickly became a success and has grown to incorporate 330 members today. With a new development plan, the market leader for hazelnuts in Europe plans to increase its production significantly as well as diversify its portfolio, always keeping a focus on high product quality and excellent customer service.