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Business in France


Where East meets West

Probably no one in the Chieu family foresaw the success the small family enterprise would have when it plunged itself into the catering business in the 1980s and founded Hoa Nam SAS. The potential for Asian food using fresh French products was there right from the start, and so it cannot now be a surprise that the company has become a success, specializing in the manufacture of fresh and frozen Asian meat products and traditional Asian dishes.


Maintaining the edge in gasket manufacturing

A maintenance company that also manufactures its own spare parts: An interesting concept and one which has catapulted French company MCD SAS to the forefront of its market. The firm is a specialist in the maintenance of plate heat exchangers, and also produces an extensive range of gaskets in many shapes, sizes and materials, ensuring it has the perfect sealing solution for its clients’ equipment, irrespective of which brand of plate heat exchanger is installed.


The perfect property to please the people of France

From lawyer to property developer, from partnership in a large, successful firm to the setting up of his own company: Guy Nafilyan’s career spans over 40 years and encompasses extensive experience in a range of business settings. This winding path has equipped him with a strong understanding and knowledge of the property market in the Île de France region of northern France. As a result, his property development firm, Nafilyan & Partners, which he owns together with four other shareholders, centers its activities on creating wonderful living environments for the people of the greater Paris region.


Enabling the digital infrastructure

The digital transformation is spurring the installation of broadband fiber optic cables. This trend is not only benefiting businesses and consumers that rely on high-speed internet access but also suppliers of the necessary infrastructure, such as RISA SAS. Specialized in cable laying equipment, the French company is growing by 20% annually and evolving particularly fast abroad. “We have a niche product with very specific features, which gives us substantial opportunities in markets across Europe and beyond,” says Managing Director Martial Pautrat.


Naturally bambou-tiful

The beauty industry has always been highly competitive, but in recent years, the rules of the game have changed. In the past, products were often marketed on the basis of emotion, brands and consumers have evolved. Today, an increasingly knowledgeable and discerning consumer base is fuelling a boom in natural and organic products. In this crowded market, Société Française de Cosmétiques (SFC) Bernard Cassière brand is a pioneer when it comes to skin care products inspired by nature.

MicroPort CRM

Improving heart health worldwide

The first implantable cardiac pacemaker was invented in 1958. The technology has advanced considerably since then and the result is that millions of lives have been saved and lengthened. Further medical and technological advancements are continuously being invented and perfected, turning conditions that used to be death sentences into conditions that can be managed through proper care. MicroPort CRM, whose operating headquarters are in France, is a company which specializes in finding solutions for the management of cardiac rhythm disorders and heart failure.


Adapting to industrial challenges with Industry 4.0

It is all change for Team Plastique in Châteaubriant, France. The company is gearing up for a change in management and ownership with new CEO Régis Sauvion already in post and the handover from company founder Didier Elin well underway. At the same time, the company is growing strongly; so much so that plans for the construction of a new production unit that is due to come online by the end of 2020 are also well advanced.


Pure water from a magical region

Over recent years, supermarkets have been packed to the rafters with mineral water – still, sparkling, semi-sparkling, and of varying mineral content and quality. As people increasingly question the quality of their tap water, the number of consumers who choose to purchase their drinking water in a bottle has never been higher. Before assuming that water in a bottle must be better, however, they would be well advised to check the label; not all mineral waters are an improvement on tap water. Montcalm water, sourced in the Ariège region of the Pyrenees, and bottled by the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Montcalm, is special.


The vibrating wave is key

Silos shared the ultimate problem that their content could not be completely emptied, always leaving a small residue of bulk products which was hard to clean off. In 1986, the founder of the French company Vibrafloor SAS, Jean-Claude Poncet, set off to present an efficient solution that is surprisingly easy and works flawlessly without extra maintenance and repair costs. The company’s innovative modular vibrating reclaim system has really turned out to be a unique system that has conquered the market at home and overseas ever since. Today, the company’s bulk reclaim system is operating at more than 300 plants worldwide.


Keep track

Long gone are the days when a watch told you nothing more than the time. Today’s watches are high-tech devices – especially when it comes to fitness trackers. Simply speaking, they measure motion, but in fact they are a must-have and the ultimate accessory for anyone who enjoys running and fitness. Polar is one of the most established GPS watch and heart rate monitor brands in the world. The Finnish company aims to help athletes understand, track and improve their sporting performance. Polar Electro France SAS is Polar’s French distribution company located in Cergy close to Paris.