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Business in France


How to benefit from new owners

It is a European leader in metal surface treatment services with a strong focus on the automotive sector. With operations across Europe and global ambitions, Electropoli SA is now venturing into China – with the help of its new owners, a Chinese investment platform and a French private equity fund. This way, the company is not only getting closer to its customers but also improving environmental standards in the Chinese surface treatment sector. At the same time, the dynamically evolving French enterprise is strengthening its position in Eastern Europe.


French profilers

They ensure an excellent thermal and sound insulation, are extremely robust, resistant to corrosion and rust and virtually maintenance-free; they are environmentally sustainable as they can be recycled easily; they combine both performance and aesthetics as they come in many different finishings and colours – aluminium windows. Sepalumic SAS from Mouans-Sartoux is a highly acclaimed producer of aluminium profiles and facades and keen to embrace new markets – especially in Africa.


Melamine: made in France means made in Europe

With the influx of goods from the Far East, which are made and sold extremely cheaply, it is a real challenge and achievement for any European manufacturer to withstand the competition and build a successful business. Melamine is a market dominated by Chinese producers, and French company Plastorex is the sole remaining French manufacturer of melamine tableware. While the company is very proud of its made in France label, it is now looking to extend its reach and become renowned for products made in Europe.


High performance, low power

Its products are found in low-orbit satellites and deep-space mission equipment, as well as in life vests and luxury watches: Syrlinks SAS is one of the most recognized providers of radio communication and geolocation solutions. The successful, medium-sized enterprise supplies a wide diversity of application markets, always with the same promise, though: the highest performance and reliability, low power consumption, compact design and outstanding value for money.


Shifting up a gear

In France, it is the undisputed market leader. Now the motorbike parts and accessories specialist Bihr is shifting up a gear by expanding its activities in rider gear. Besides France, the country where the company was created in 1975, and Spain, where it has one of its largest distribution centers, the company is now developing the German market to become a truly pan-European supplier. After completion of the targeted expansion, Bihr wants to go on developing its strengths: short delivery periods and a wide product choice that is constantly being adapted to new and changing customer demands.


Secure and individual

The market for access control solutions is becoming more and more digital, with security doors and gates connected through the Internet of Things. One of the trailblazers of this development is SERFA SAS, a dynamically evolving family business which genuinely caters to its customers’ individual demands.


An exceptionally Parisian getaway

Situated in Paris’s premiere arrondissement – within walking distance of the beloved Louvre, the Seine as well as Notre-Dame Cathedral – the Novotel Paris Les Halles is an idyllic destination for those in need of a fully-immersive cultural and historical getaway. Its enviable location ensures ease of transportation, while its luxury accommodation offers much deserved respite after days spent taking in world-renowned Parisian sights.


Improving quality of life

There are 100 trillion bacteria living in the human body. They play an important role for health, but if their natural balance is disturbed, the consequences for the human body can be significant. Probiotics can help to keep the balance of bacteria in the body, preventing inflammation, reducing gastrointestinal problems or supporting the immune system. Pileje Laboratories with headquarters in Paris is a pioneer in the field of probiotics and provides a range of products that support overall physical health. With experience in this sector since 1980, the company makes a significant contribution to improving people’s quality of life.


Apples from France to the world

Apples are one of France’s biggest agricultural exports. French apples find their way to customers not just in the rest of Europe but also overseas. One of the biggest players in the apple export market is Blue Whale SA. Tracing its roots back to 1950, it manages sales on behalf of producers in the major apple-growing regions of Provence, Garonne, Alpes and the Loire Valley. Sales volume amounts to around 270,000 t of apples each year, with 80% of that total destined for export. Blue Whale sees itself as an export specialist and has developed a keen understanding of the needs of international markets.


Solutions for a safer world

As a result of terrorist threats, attacks and cybercrime, our society has changed significantly. Security cannot be taken for granted anymore and people are concerned about their safety. For this reason, security systems are becoming more and more important. Video surveillance systems continuously monitor the environment and access control systems make sure that people only get where they are allowed to. SIPPRO – Solutions IP Protection, with headquarters near Montpellier, France, is an expert when it comes to security systems and is on its way to becoming the market leader in this sector in France.