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Business in France


Covering the complete chain

Sales of both new and used instruments, short and long-term rentals, a tailored buy-back program, and calibration, repair and maintenance services – even for products with discontinued manufacturer support: Leasametric SA covers the complete value chain in test and measurement instruments. The French high-tech company works together with all major manufacturers and has customers in a wide variety of challenging sectors.


Loyal customers and boosted sales

The packaging has a huge influence on the sales of a product. In particular, luxury products need to have appropriate packaging that not only protects its content, but also attracts the attention of the consumer. Promotional objects can increase brand loyalty and boost sales. Manifesto Factory, based in Paris, is a preferred partner for luxury brands in the promotional objects and packaging sector, offering a broad range of high-quality packaging solutions and customized promotional objects such as bags, purses and accessories for the luxury market.


A question of style and tradition

They are veritable hidden gems and hard to find – workshops using traditional methods from the good old days. Rémy Garnier SA from Paris is one of those gems – although not a hidden one. The company masters the art of chiseling and produces decorative period door handles and locks respecting heritage and tradition for historical monuments such as the Palace of Versailles, the Ritz hotel or Hôtel Matignon.


Strategy versus reality: bridging the gap

Develop a strategy and implement it: Sounds simple, but many companies struggle to bridge the gap between a well-devised strategy and the reality of executing it effectively in order to reap the benefits. French consultant Meotec SAS specializes in supporting businesses with the tactical and operational aspects of project management and the implementation of a new strategy. Meotec leverages its expertise to help its clients with the practical steps necessary to transform their business and improve performance.

Interview with Philippe Santi, Executive Vice President of Interparfums SA

Knowing what’s hot in the world of luxury fragrances

If you have a successful brand, as the wisdom goes, you should make the most of it. For many in the fashion industry or celebrity world, that means cashing in with their own perfume. However, creating a marketable fragrance takes a lot more than having a successful brand image, although, according to the experts, that is certainly a good place to start. As hundreds of different scents and fragrances battle it out for a share of what is now a 25 billion USD market, European Business spoke to Philippe Santi, Executive Vice President of Interparfums SA in France, which holds a respectable 2% of this lucrative market, about what it takes to come out of this business smelling of roses.


The vibrating wave is key

Silos shared the ultimate problem that their content could not be completely emptied, always leaving a small residue of bulk products which was hard to clean off. In 1986, the founder of the French company Vibrafloor SAS, Jean-Claude Poncet, set off to present an efficient solution that is surprisingly easy and works flawlessly without extra maintenance and repair costs. The company’s innovative modular vibrating reclaim system has really turned out to be a unique system that has conquered the market at home and overseas ever since. Today, the company’s bulk reclaim system is operating at more than 300 plants worldwide.


Totally nuts

1979 was the year that ten plum producers from southwestern France decided to diversify their production and attempt to grow hazelnuts. This was the birth hour of Unicoque (Union des fruits à coque, meaning ‘Union for edible nuts’). Based in Cancon, the cooperative quickly became a success and has grown to incorporate 330 members today. With a new development plan, the market leader for hazelnuts in Europe plans to increase its production significantly as well as diversify its portfolio, always keeping a focus on high product quality and excellent customer service.


Improving quality of life

There are 100 trillion bacteria living in the human body. They play an important role for health, but if their natural balance is disturbed, the consequences for the human body can be significant. Probiotics can help to keep the balance of bacteria in the body, preventing inflammation, reducing gastrointestinal problems or supporting the immune system. Pileje Laboratories with headquarters in Paris is a pioneer in the field of probiotics and provides a range of products that support overall physical health. With experience in this sector since 1980, the company makes a significant contribution to improving people’s quality of life.

Interview with Boris Kesler, Founder and CEO of MainBot

My friend, the robot

The French start-up Mainbot has developed a robot that teaches children the principles of coding and robotics in a fun way. Winky not only looks cute, but is designed to be both a teacher and a classmate for the next generations. European Business talked to Mainbot CEO and Founder Boris Kesler about a little robot that is meant to become a friend.


An exceptionally Parisian getaway

Situated in Paris’s premiere arrondissement – within walking distance of the beloved Louvre, the Seine as well as Notre-Dame Cathedral – the Novotel Paris Les Halles is an idyllic destination for those in need of a fully-immersive cultural and historical getaway. Its enviable location ensures ease of transportation, while its luxury accommodation offers much deserved respite after days spent taking in world-renowned Parisian sights.