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Business in France


Pure water from a magical region

Over recent years, supermarkets have been packed to the rafters with mineral water – still, sparkling, semi-sparkling, and of varying mineral content and quality. As people increasingly question the quality of their tap water, the number of consumers who choose to purchase their drinking water in a bottle has never been higher. Before assuming that water in a bottle must be better, however, they would be well advised to check the label; not all mineral waters are an improvement on tap water. Montcalm water, sourced in the Ariège region of the Pyrenees, and bottled by the Société d’Exploitation des Eaux du Montcalm, is special.


Halal and organic

Across Europe, demand for halal food is developing strongly. The European Union market for foods and beverages that comply with Islamic dietary principles, including permissible meat slaughtered in a ritual way, has an estimated annual growth of around 15%. This persistent trend is benefiting companies that meet the stringent quality requirements of this fast-evolving food market segment. One of the market leaders in France is Bibars SAS, which not only specializes in halal food but also in organic products.


Completing the green circle

Green credentials are increasingly important in a world in which consumers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of human activity and the effect it has on both human health and the health of the planet we live on. As people wake up to the true cost of cheap food, pressure is growing on the agricultural sector to clean up its act. For French agricultural recycling equipment manufacturer MENART Sprl, this trend means increased investment in the practical alternatives it offers to cut down waste and improve recycling in large scale agricultural practices.


Excellence in support: Partnering for success

No man is an island. No business is an island either; partnership and cooperation are essential characteristics, which are found in the DNA of every successful company. Groupe PASà-PAS-KPF in France takes the concept of partnership to a whole new level. The SAP specialist operates on a four-way model of partnership: with the SAP organization itself; across the PASàPAS-KPF group; with its own talented and committed staff; and, finally, with its clients, to bring them the ultimate SAP-based solutions and support for all their ERP and technology platform requirements.


Where East meets West

Probably no one in the Chieu family foresaw the success the small family enterprise would have when it plunged itself into the catering business in the 1980s and founded Hoa Nam SAS. The potential for Asian food using fresh French products was there right from the start, and so it cannot now be a surprise that the company has become a success, specializing in the manufacture of fresh and frozen Asian meat products and traditional Asian dishes.


Genuinely remarkable

Illuminated shop window displays are a perfect local vehicle to present your products or services, attract new customers and enhance brand recognition. One of the global leaders in this fast evolving market is VitrineMedia Enterprise. The privately owned French company delivers genuinely remarkable, complete LED and LCD signage solutions for all kinds of outlets, that enable efficient communication and make a lasting impression. On average, its customers – more than 40,000 worldwide – increase their sales by 30%.


From computer game to a whole new universe

Almost every business owner claims to have a passion for his or her particular line of work. Sometimes, to the uninitiated, the reasons for this enthusiasm are perhaps hard to grasp. In the case of Ankama SAS, however, they are clear to even the most cynical observer. The highly creative French company is a developer of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and its founders and staff alike share a passion for computer games that has led them to create one of the world’s most successful games and subsequently develop a whole universe of related multimedia products.


Stand out from the crowd with innovative in-store marketing

Competition in the retail sector is fierce; in the luxury segment, the battle for customers is particularly intense. Image is all-important, and marketing plays a significant role in the quest to attract customers. Point of purchase (POP) advertising has become more innovative than ever over recent years, and many retailers have turned to in-store marketing specialists to ensure their products are presented in the most eye-catching manner. French company MEDIA6 offers the full spectrum of in-store marketing services, ensuring its customers’ products really stand out from the crowd.


Software solutions for improved industrial performance

A critical success factor for all manufacturers is the optimization of production and operational processes. With digitalization gathering pace, this is becoming more important than ever, and no company wants to get left behind. Often, however, firms lack the necessary knowledge and experience in this area, and seek the support of specialists who are able to provide expert advice and innovative solutions. French company Courbon SAS from VINCI Energies is a leading software developer and service provider that supports manufacturers through digitalization and helps them to optimize their industrial performance.


The last mile makes the difference

For most manufacturers and suppliers, after-sales support is a fundamental element of their service. This often necessitates the replacement of parts, and speed is of the essence. Equipment downtime almost always results in a financial loss. The ability to access and deliver spare parts quickly and efficiently is therefore critical. Many companies in France rely on the services of LM2S SAS headquartered in Garonor near Paris CDG airport. LM2S specializes in last mile logistics, a niche market which the company has really made its own in France and is now looking to offer on foreign markets.