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Business in Hungary


Be(e) passionate

Hungary is one of the European Union’s largest producers of honey. Beekeeping has a long tradition in the country. The first bees were kept by the churches and farmers mostly for the beeswax the hives might provide – honey was a delightful by-product. Today, its acacia honey is famous all around the world and Hungary has become a major honey exporting country. Nyirség Méz Kft. largely contributes to this leading position.


The key to success: happy employees

Its customers include the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Lufthansa Systems, Budapest International Airport, Accor Hotels, T-Mobile, the US Department of Energy and many other high-profile organizations and businesses. H1 Systems Kft. is one of the most dynamically evolving enterprises in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe. European Business talked to CEO Mihály Németh about the company’s ambitious growth plans and exceptional commitment to happy, flourishing employees.


The perfect finish for roofs

Clay tiles have been used to protect buildings from the elements for millennia. Even today, tiles are what define the roofscapes of towns and villages across Europe. While clay has traditionally been the material of choice and is still one of the most popular building materials, it has since been joined by more modern materials such as concrete. Tile specialist CREATON South-East Europe Kft. in Hungary produces and distributes tens of millions of roof tiles each year along with a complete range of finishing and decorative elements. Its wide range of materials and finishes mean that customers are guaranteed to find a solution to their specific needs.


The brand name says it all

When the electro giant Electrolux invited some of its major suppliers back in 2013, one name that appeared on the guest list caught the market’s attention. Plastelektro from Budapest was among the invitees to the Swedish company’s dinner, as one of only two European companies to be bestowed the honour of attending. Plastelektro – the name is a combination of plastic and electro, indicating its close link to the electronics industry – has recently changed its name to Saluxto Kft; Electrolux remains its major and most prominent customer.

Interview with Marcell Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Brewie

A new gateway to home brewing

Whenever you think about brewing, you might imagine large mashing tanks, filtration systems and storage facilities within a major industrial compound. Hungarian company Brewie offers a completely different angle by making automated brewing accessible to your home: Brewie+ looks like a stereo, but is really an advanced brewing device. European Business talked to Marcell Pal, Co-Founder and CEO, about the company’s mission, the definition of full automation and the rediscovery of quality.


Medicines are our passion

Today, the main objective is to become a large European player in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The prospects looked good when MEDITOP Pharmaceutical Ltd., one of the fastest-growing SMEs in Hungary’s pharmaceutical sector, first came into operation after the end of communism in 1991, but nobody could foresee the steep rise the company would experience in the years to come. However, MEDITOP is now a well-established partner to large pharmaceutical companies, taking on contract development, manufacturing and packaging, in addition to developing and producing its own medicines for the international market.

Interview with Erno Rubik, Inventor, Architect and Designer

Math and magic packed in a cube

It is small, angular and can become a virtually Herculean task. We are talking about the Rubik’s Cube by the Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik. The world-renowned combination puzzle with its 26 blocks has been available since 1974 and has wound its way through countless hands. European Business spoke with Erno Rubik about the special magic of the Cube, what makes it of interest to managers and the overall future of play.


Securing the future with technology

With the complexity and value of manufactured products increasing, and the new opportunities offered by technology and digitalization, industrial security is today incomparable to the days when someone sat in a guard house in front of a factory, checking visitors in and out and maybe undertaking a tour of inspection at regular intervals. Security is a sophisticated business and demands extensive knowledge and experience, and well-trained staff. Hungarian specialist S-Group Mid-European Plc. offers extensive and innovative security and facility management services to a broad range of business segments.


Facing challenges in the shipping industry

The Danube is the longest river in Hungary and flows through the entire country. With the opening of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in 1992, more and more ships from Germany and the Netherlands came to pass the Danube, and the Hungarian ocean and inland shipping companies have faced increasing competition ever since. Trafalger Kft., based in Budapest, has been operating in the competitive market since 1994 and found a way to win customers, convincing them with flexibility, reliability and the ability to adapt its services to the requirements of the market.


Entertainment is in the stars

One of the most popular hobbies today is watching television. A plethora of channels on digital, cable and satellite offer everything the heart desires: cooking programs, reality TV, hard-hitting documentaries, comedies and much more. Though Hollywood is the number-one address for TV programming, it is not the only one. TeleMedia Első Magyar Telemarketing Szolgálat Kft., located in Budapest, proves that shows do not have to come from California, and thanks to its astrology programs, more entertainment is in the stars.