Materials & Materials Processing

Fitting-Ker Kft.

A capable supplier
In the metal processing industry, continuous technological development takes place. Involved companies, therefore, need to upgrade their machine outfit regularly in order to stay competitive. A role model for such processes is found in Tököl in Hungary. There, Fitting-Ker Kft., a specialist in machined parts, operates as a strong supplier for many foreign enterprises and offers its clients tailor-made solutions.

Health & Medical Industry

Pharmanox Kft.

New ways
At the moment, the pharmaceutical market in Hungary is subject to economical developments. Regular price battles and high competition make it difficult for pharmacists to continue with their business, and bankruptcies occur frequently. Confronted with this difficult situation, Pharmanox Kft. from Sződ in Hungary tries to find new sales channels. The pharmaceuticals wholesaler strives to enter the market for medicament marketing.

Materials & Materials Processing

Rondo Kft.

Quality matters
In a world seemingly married to packaging, paper and corrugated board packaging at least provide an ecological option. Fully recyclable and in part made from recycled materials, paper-based packaging solutions are both attractive and sustainable. The latter also applies to one of the leading names in the paper and corrugated board packaging sector. Austrian family business Rondo Ganahl AG can trace its roots back as far as 1797. Its factory in Budapest has been in operation under the name Rondo Kft. since 1994.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

Vasker-Plusz Kft.

Quality is our claim
Ironworks around the world are always in need of commodities. These buildings or sites, where iron is melted and heavy iron and steel products are made, are an essential part of today’s economy, and many industries rely on its processes. Vasker-Plusz Kft. from Békés in Hungary is closely connected with the metal-processing sector. The company specializes in the working of ferrous waste and sells its processed products to ironworks around the world.

Information & Communication Technology

Astron Informatikai Kft.

More than information technology
The combination of know-how in information technology and engineering expertise can result in market leadership. Astron Informatikai Kft. is one of the leading software development houses in Hungary, providing software for electrical systems, traffic control systems and mobile communication systems. Focusing on long-term partnerships with large Hungarian companies, including leading names from the gas and electricity sectors, Astron has been able to deploy customized software and engineering solutions to improve its customers’ daily operations.


Ferrobeton Zrt.

Strong as concrete, despite crisis
Europe-wide, the building and infrastructure markets were hit hard by the crisis in 2008/2009. This is also true for Hungary. For several years now, investments and major projects have been postponed or cancelled. Now, Zoltán Vass, managing director of Ferrobeton, based in Dunaújváros, Hungary, sees light at the end of the tunnel. Specializing in prefabricated reinforced concrete and concrete elements, the company made major investments in the last years and is now ready for growth again.

Interior & Garden

Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft.

The House of Villeroy & Boch in Hungary
Villeroy & Boch – the name stands for two families, state-of-the-art bathroom, tile and table design, and true European culture. Founded in 1748, the company has managed to maintain its identity, values and culture over the centuries. At the same time, the ceramic specialist has continuously adapted its technologies, designs and final products to changing trends and market situations. Today, the House of Villeroy & Boch is a comprehensive concept that gives consumers the freedom to create their individual home. Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft. based in Hódmezovásárhely in Hungary is one of the company’s production legs. Integrated into the group’s product development and drawing on a fully equipped logistics center, the company is an important pillar of the business.

Transport & Logistics

Farnair Hungary Kft.

Come fly with me
In the logistics sector, time is a valuable commodity. Therefore, many worldwide express deliveries are transported by airplane. Apart from large cargo aircraft of logistics companies that fly to important hubs, smaller aircraft enterprises guarantee for efficient forwarding processes. Farnair Hungary Kft. from Budapest in Hungary specializes in these operations: The company operates several airplanes and cooperates with major players from the logistics sector.

Health & Medical Industry

Euromedic International

Redefining the diagnostic PPP model for the benefit of the patient
In order to achieve the best possible medical outcome, advanced diagnostic examinations need to be applied to diagnose the patient’s underlying health problems precisely. With more than 20 years of experience, outstanding value propositions and a unique care delivery model, Euromedic International has become a truly pan-European expert in diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratories and radiotherapy.


CASON Mérnöki Zrt.

Wide area industrial communication at its best
Energy efficiency is an important topic today, and companies of all industries have to reconsider their energy consumption. In order to ensure total efficiency, you need continuous process control and integrated communication systems. Exactly this is the specialty of CASON Mérnöki Zrt. from Érd in Hungary, an expert in wide area industrial communications.

Health & Medical Industry

Intervet Hungária Kft. (az MSD Animal Health tagja)

Promoting animal health
Established in 1996, Intervet Hungária Kft. started out with a handful of people and kept expanding both the range of products and the number of staff. As the byname MSD Animal Health tagja indicates, the company is a member of MSD, known as Merck in the United States and Canada, which merged with Intervet in 2009. Today, Intervet Hungária Kft. is the market leader in Hungary in veterinary products and solutions, a position well illustrated by the prestigious Hungarian Superbrands Award the company was granted last year.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

Biogáz Unió Zrt.

The energy of the future
In the search for alternative sources of energy, biogas looks to be one of the most promising. Through a relatively simple process, unlimited power can be generated from a sustainable and natural resource. In Hungary, the leading installer of biogas power plants is Biogáz Unió Zrt. The company has experienced skyrocketing growth in the five years since its establishment and is targeting even greater expansion in the future.


XID – Xanga Investment & Development Group Kft.

Developing the city of the future
Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary after Budapest. Over the past decade, it has been developing rapidly, thanks to an increasing volume of foreign direct investment. In 2010, the Financial Times’ fDi Magazine, the world’s premier publication for the business of globalization, ranked Debrecen fifth in Eastern Europe in its ‘Cities and Regions of the Future’ survey. To a large extent, this distinction must be accredited to Xanga Investment & Development Group Kft.

Materials & Materials Processing

Bakonyerdő Zrt.

In Hungary - sustainable forestry meets economy
No doubt, modern forestry means sustainability. As a beautiful natural material with a multitude of functions, wood is a popular material in many industries. However, we have to protect our natural resources. Therefore, sustainable wood processing also means continuously reforesting the woods. Bakonyerdő Zrt. (Bakonyerdő Forestry and Wood Processing Private Corporation) from Pápa in Hungary is the forestry operator of the Balaton Uplands in the High-Bakony region. The company perfectly unites modern forestry with efficient wood processing. As a result, the area is the second best afforested region nationwide.

Materials & Materials Processing

Ruget Magyarország Kft

In the world of sheet metal forming
As a result of the increasing global competition and the prevailing economic crises, the contract production industry has been suffering from decreasing margins for many years now. Either they are able to follow the Ruget group, based in Nagykanizsa, Hungary is a specialist in sheet metal, mechanical welding and coating. So far, the company has been focusing on commission processing. Now, Company Manger Róbert Vizi aims to build up an own portfolio.

Materials & Materials Processing

Goldkamin Kft.

In the world of fireplaces and ovens
Can there be anything cosier in winter but sitting in front of a fireplace, sipping a nice glass of wine or hot drink and cuddle up in a soft blanket. No wonder, that especially in those countries that are not blessed with a long and warm summer a fireplace or an oven is a must, not only to heat up the house but also to create a well-being atmosphere. Goldkamin Kft. based in Kisújszállás in Hungary is a specialist in fireplaces and ovens. Recognizing the growing awareness for responsible energy consumption, the company continuously works on innovations. At present, water-heating register systems are a key issue at Goldkamin.

Transport & Logistics

Waberer’s International Zrt.

The Hungarian road transportation company is unstoppable across Europe
Looking at the transport market in Hungary today, one name stands out like a radiating beacon that has defined transportation and logistics standards in the former Communist country. During the 1990s, at a time when the transport business was in a transition stage, the entrepreneur György Wáberer grasped the chance to make his dream of a leading international transport and logistics company come true. Today, his group of companies, including Waberer’s International Zrt., has made it to the absolute top in the market and has earned a reputation as the leading logistics service provider in Hungary and in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, the group’s large fleet of trucks is at home on all major European roads, both in Western and Eastern Europe.

Materials & Materials Processing

Sapa Profiles Kft.

Shining examples
Lightweight, durable, versatile – there are many reasons why manufacturers are replacing their steel components with aluminium products, but they all add up to a quality material whose use can speed up production and whose cost-performance ratio can transform manufacturing processes. That is why manufacturers are increasingly turning to stable partnerships with Europe’s largest aluminium profile manufacturer, Hungary-based Sapa Profiles Kft.

Automotive Engineering

Bebusch Hungária Kft.

Automotive components with added value
The automotive industry was one of the industries that was hit the hardest by the global economic crisis of 2009. Not only the OEMs and the producing companies but also the supplying industry suffered from a near-collapse of the market. Now, the situation is stabilising and the competitors are ready to re-establish their market positions. This is also true for Bebusch Hungária Kft. from Oroszlány in Hungary. The specialist for automotive components and metal-plastic applications is determined to enter new markets and to get back on track.

Information & Communication Technology

Gamax Kft.

We manage IT staffing problems
Employing qualified IT specialists or software engineers has turned out to become an urgent problem to many companies throughout Europe. About 20 years ago, the Hungary-based Gamax Kft. already observed a lack of employees in some IT areas and focused on workforce leasing to Hungarian and international companies. The idea soon became a success. Today, Gamax has established itself as the prime IT workforce leasing company. Moreover, it has broadened its product and service portfolio continuously. Customer software development, software localisation and translation as well as IT consultancy are other activities which have catapulted Gamax to the top in the Hungarian IT sector.

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