Finance & Real Estate

Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE)

A new formula for attracting investors
A sound and stable economy can be well supported by a highly developed capital market. A well-functioning stock exchange facilitates funding for companies through equities and bonds, and will establish an additional source of funding, which has been dominated by the loans provided by the banking sector so far. In the past year, the stock exchange has strengthened its role - supported by the BSE’s main shareholder, the Central Bank of Hungary and also by other government stakeholders and market players.


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Hungary 2017

In this issue: Cerbona Élelmiszergyártó Kft. - Cereals for a healthy lifestyle / TOLNAGRO Animal Health Ltd - A responsible approach to animal health / 77 Elektronika Kft. - A Hungarian force in medical diagnostics / In-Kal Zrt. - More safety through competence and integrity


In-Kal Zrt.

More safety through competence and integrity
The world has changed profoundly. The impact of terrorism has increased significantly over the last couple of years, and the list of terrorist attacks is growing longer and longer. Against this backdrop, security service companies are increasingly in demand. In-Kal Zrt. is one of Hungary’s most prominent players of this booming industry. For good reason the company was awarded the International Diamond Star for Quality.

Health & Medical Industry

77 Elektronika Kft.

A Hungarian force in medical diagnostics
Lifestyle changes over the last few decades have been both a blessing and a curse. On the plus side, we can celebrate vastly increased life expectancy. Unfortunately, improved access to processed foods and more sedentary living have also resulted in growing rates of diabetes, leading to demand for home blood glucose testing equipment. 77 Elektronika Kft. responded to this need and pioneered blood glucose meters for the Hungarian market. This remains among its key products today, which also include urine analyzers and consumables.

Finance & Real Estate

Gránit Bank Zrt.

Simple, quick and convenient
The Hungarian banking sector is characterized by balance sheet adjustment of banks. This provides an ideal opportunity for smaller lenders like Gránit Bank Zrt. The commercial bank was created four years ago to make a difference in Hungary’s struggling banking industry – based on the belief that banking can be simple, quick and convenient.

Materials & Materials Processing

Fitting-Ker Kft.

A capable supplier
In the metal processing industry, continuous technological development takes place. Involved companies, therefore, need to upgrade their machine outfit regularly in order to stay competitive. A role model for such processes is found in Tököl in Hungary. There, Fitting-Ker Kft., a specialist in machined parts, operates as a strong supplier for many foreign enterprises and offers its clients tailor-made solutions.

Materials & Materials Processing

Rondo Kft.

Quality matters
In a world seemingly married to packaging, paper and corrugated board packaging at least provide an ecological option. Fully recyclable and in part made from recycled materials, paper-based packaging solutions are both attractive and sustainable. The latter also applies to one of the leading names in the paper and corrugated board packaging sector. Austrian family business Rondo Ganahl AG can trace its roots back as far as 1797. Its factory in Budapest has been in operation under the name Rondo Kft. since 1994.

Information & Communication Technology

Astron Informatikai Kft.

More than information technology
The combination of know-how in information technology and engineering expertise can result in market leadership. Astron Informatikai Kft. is one of the leading software development houses in Hungary, providing software for electrical systems, traffic control systems and mobile communication systems. Focusing on long-term partnerships with large Hungarian companies, including leading names from the gas and electricity sectors, Astron has been able to deploy customized software and engineering solutions to improve its customers’ daily operations.

Interior & Garden

Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft.

The House of Villeroy & Boch in Hungary
Villeroy & Boch – the name stands for two families, state-of-the-art bathroom, tile and table design, and true European culture. Founded in 1748, the company has managed to maintain its identity, values and culture over the centuries. At the same time, the ceramic specialist has continuously adapted its technologies, designs and final products to changing trends and market situations. Today, the House of Villeroy & Boch is a comprehensive concept that gives consumers the freedom to create their individual home. Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft. based in Hódmezovásárhely in Hungary is one of the company’s production legs. Integrated into the group’s product development and drawing on a fully equipped logistics center, the company is an important pillar of the business.

Transport & Logistics

Farnair Hungary Kft.

Come fly with me
In the logistics sector, time is a valuable commodity. Therefore, many worldwide express deliveries are transported by airplane. Apart from large cargo aircraft of logistics companies that fly to important hubs, smaller aircraft enterprises guarantee for efficient forwarding processes. Farnair Hungary Kft. from Budapest in Hungary specializes in these operations: The company operates several airplanes and cooperates with major players from the logistics sector.

European Business


In this issue: Gleeds France SAS – Your partner for your building / D. Carnegie & Co AB – Refurbishment formula for safer suburbs / SLM Solutions Group AG – True child of digitization / Hast Retail, s.r.o. – Shopfitting as art / Hyundai WIA Europe GmbH – Banging the drum for Korean machine tools

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