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Business in Italy

Interview with Charlie Mitchelson, Managing Director at Cascade Europe

Raising capability in materials handling

The economy is changing faster than ever before in human history. Digitization is a major driving force behind this process, and affects all industries. Cascade Europe, based in Italy and a subsidiary of the Cascade Corporation headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is dealing with the challenges in the materials handling market by focusing on both new technology and energy efficiency, as Managing Director Charlie Michelson reveals in an interview with European Business.


Innovations is the key to the success

Canned tuna is a popular delicacy and can be used for sandwiches, salads, casseroles and a wide range of other dishes. The Jealsa Rianxeira Group is the leading manufacturer of canned tuna in Spain and the second in Europe. With Mare Aperto Food s.r.l., Jealsa has conquered the Italian market. Using a new brand, an innovative marketing approach and delicious new products, Mare Aperto Food s.r.l. based in Genoa has managed to become one of the four most successful brands in Italy.


Where mini means mighty

In the construction industry, small jobs are still important and, in some cases, even the most difficult. For those hard-to-reach spaces, Jekko s.r.l. offers the perfect solution with its line of minicranes. Comparatively compact, these minicranes are able to operate in tight areas, yet can still lift thousands of kilograms in weight. Established in the 1990s and officially registered in 2006, the Jekko brand has become a leading name in this sector. Technologically innovative, safe and reliable, Jekko’s products are manufactured in northeastern Italy, where they are then distributed to dealers on six continents.


The essential role of beverage closure

It is only a minor component but it has a major significance in preserving product quality: a bottle cap. CDS Srl in Italy makes 12.5 billion of the small, yet highly essential devices every year – in all varieties, for all kinds of beverages, perfectly leakproof and custom-engineered to meet individual requirements. As a medium-sized enterprise, CDS is exceptionally flexible, fast and reliable in satisfying all customer needs – even during the high season. Equipped with factories in three European countries, the company wants to further advance its international market position.


Doing the heavy lifting for customers

Engineers have come up with ingenious solutions to weighty lifting problems throughout history. While it was mainly manpower and simple pulleys that were harnessed to move heavy objects in ancient times, today’s innovative crane systems allow a single operator to lift and transport objects weighting several tonnes at the touch of a button. Cerrato Srl in Italy has been active in the field of lifting and handling equipment for over 50 years and now specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality equipment for customers in the steel, automotive, aeronautical, mechanical, food, glass processing and waste treatment industries.


The shape of design

The identity of a brand is more than a logo. It is the total composition of elements that shape how a brand is perceived, stands out among competitors and catches the attention, makes a visual impact and can grow and evolve with the brand. Robilant Associati SpA from Milan has focused on brand identity at a very early stage. The Italian brand and design consultancy company considers itself as a kind of “laboratory of the renaissance 2.0,” as General Manager Roger Massimiliano Botti puts it. Robilant focuses on long-lasting solutions and customer relationships and emphasizes working with clients and not for clients.


Facilitating the digital revolution

It is one of the key topics affecting society, government and business: digital transformation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel identified managing digital transformation as one of the key challenges facing her government in a recent speech and called on companies to take better advantage of the opportunities that digitalization offers to create jobs and wealth. In the rest of Europe, similar discussions prevail, and digitalization specialists like Italian company Lutech S.p.A. work to provide the tools with which to achieve a successful and profitable digital future.


Smart spraying specialists

Agriculture has changed profoundly over time and has long since arrived in the digital era. Experts predict fully automated farms in the future, with robots to pick, drones to survey crops and satellites to navigate tractors – Silicon Valley seems to be moving into agriculture. Part of this impressive development are self-propelled sprayers that are developed and manufactured by Mazzotti Srl in Ravenna. Its products are benchmarks for specific areas or crops, and internationally recognized for quality and innovative technology, meeting the challenging requirements of modern agriculture.


Prospering with pipes made in Italy

Made in Italy carries a certain kudos, and despite challenging business conditions in recent years, many Italian companies have chosen to remain true to their roots and face the difficulties in order to retain this prestigious label, rather than seeking a more economically viable option of relocating the production elsewhere. Emiflex S.p.A., headquartered in Varedo near Milan, is one such firm. The family concern, now in the second generation with a history spanning over 35 years, is a specialist manufacturer of pipes and tubes for both household and industrial use. The company is proud that its products are 100% made in Italy.


We care about clean water

The impact of pure water for our planet is undisputed, and industry has a responsibility to keep water clean and install relevant waste water treatment plants, including clarifiers, separators and filters. Ecomacchine SpA offers appropriate solutions. It designs and produces machines for waste water treatment and has evolved into a key international player.