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Business in Italy


First impressions count

Colour is an essential ingredient of every product and can often be the deciding factor in its success or failure. If the way a product looks doesn’t appeal to the consumer, then they are less likely to make a positive purchasing decision. Color Project European is one of the world’s leading producers of colour samples and works with producers in the car, building and manufacturing industries to provide them with perfect reproductions of their original model colours. And there’s more to the process than meets the eye.


Friendly energy provider

Methane is the main constituent of natural gas and has the chemical formula CH4. This formula also serves as the name for an Italian energy provider. CH4 s.r.l. distributes gas and electricity, like many other businesses in Italy. The company, however, distinguishes itself from the rest through its distinctly friendly personnel policy and positive error culture, thus creating a highly motivating work atmosphere.


New life for aluminium

Everyone knows the saying about the phoenix rising from the ashes. In ancient Greece, the mythical bird was said to burn to ash at the end of its life only to rise again, younger and more magnificent than before. As a symbol of rebirth, the phoenix is a well-chosen name for Aluphoenix S.r.l. in Riese Pio X in northern Italy. The company specializes in giving new life to scrap aluminium.


Italian passion for German cars

Italy is not only synonymous with the most tempting pasta und exquisite fashion but also with cars, as it is home of such famous names as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. A love of cars is almost mandatory among Italians. Calogero Pedalà would probably completely agree with this statement. Being a veritable car aficionado, he founded L’Auto SpA. This way he got the opportunity to do what he does best and what he loves most: dealing with cars – German cars.


The look of food storage

Eating habits have changed immensely over the past decade. A growing number of customers lead busy working lives, and pop into the local deli to get some food. Food stores, cafes and snack corners have to adjust to these new trends by providing fresh and tasty chilled food. They require convincing refrigerated display counters and display areas, as well as appropriate cold rooms for food storage. Criocabin SpA is a manufacturer of cold store units and has been serving the market for two generations. Its products are top-notch solutions with regard to uniqueness, style and technology.


High-tech heat transfer

Heat exchangers are devices used to transfer heat between two or more fluids and are widely employed in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. One of the technology and global market leaders in this high-tech segment is Onda S.p.A. which supplies major OEM manufacturers throughout the world. Dedicated to constant innovation, the privately owned, Italian company has just presented a new hybrid film evaporator which increases process efficiency and reduces refrigerant use.


A perfect coat in many colours

New production equipment is an expensive investment, and the decision on which machinery to choose is complex. Not only is the standard of the finished plant important, but the quality of its components contributes significantly to the final result. IMEL S.p.a., an Italian supplier of coating equipment, understands this and accompanies its customers through the end to end process from concept to after-sales to ensure an optimum experience.


Engineering on a grand scale

The name says it all – Grande Meccanica S.p.A. in Italy does things on a larger scale than most. Its product range comprises pressure vessels and reactors that can be as big as 10 m in diameter and 100 m in length. Steel construction on this scale takes a particular set of skills and the relevant experience, both of which Grande Meccanica possesses in plentitude. The company’s competence is much in demand around the world and more than 90% of the contracts it wins are for foreign customers.


Sealing the deal

Rubber is an indispensable material for many industries. It possesses many distinct features such as abrasion resistance, chemical and grease resistance, hot and cold temperature sustainability, and high tear strength. Pivotal car components such as tyres, O-rings, gaskets and seals are often made from rubber. Insit Industria SpA is a specialist when it comes to rubber parts for the automotive industry. The Italian company has a mixer compound used for in-house production, with the main materials compounded being ACM, AEM, HNBR, CR and FKM. Insit is one of the leading providers of reliable shaft sealing solutions.


An Italian revival: Tribute to sportive fashion

For people who grew up in the 1980s, flashing the name of a label was a natural thing to make a fashion statement. Some labels were flashier than others though, and a few brands were a bit more subtle, or rather: Classy. Flashing labels is very much en vogue again today, but just like in the old days, so is subtle understatement. A brand that subscribes to this category is Conte of Florence. Established in 1952, the fashion brand grew popular in Italy and Europe in particular in the 1970s and 1980s and today, thanks to its new President and CEO, Carlo De Carolis, Conte of Florence outfits have been chosen by celebrities as diverse as Michel Platini or Victoria Beckham.