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Business in Italy


Keeping the planes flying

Alitalia Maintenance Systems SpA in Rome is one of the leading companies in maintenance, repair and overhaul services for engines, auxiliary power units (APUs) and aeronautical components. Due to the changes in the aeronautic market and the challenging economic situation in Europe, the company underwent a comprehensive restructuring at the end of 2013. The challenge is to have the Company back on track on 2014, with the break-even in the 2015 and ready for further growth.


Pioneers in 0 km delivery of heavy duty vehicles

Whoever buys a brand new car wants it to be actually brand new and not a used one, buyers want to start at 0 km. Cars therefore are transported by special car transporters from the manufacturer to the dealer. But what about heavy duty vehicles? That’s where the Italian company Graglia S.r.l. comes in. Based in Turin in Northern Italy, Graglia ranks with the major players in Europe for the road transport of all type of heavy duty vehicles and mobile machinery.