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Business in Italy


On heron’s wings

Vast, blue and with an entire world hidden underneath its surface, the ocean has always mesmerized mankind. It has facilitated the discovery of new worlds, inspired our imagination and, in its vastness, given us a sense of enourmous freedom. It is these aspects, this feeling, that Co.ge.man srl, an Italian company that has its original roots in the costruction sector, aims to channel through its new nautical division and its innovative Heron Yachts.


The tasteful side of smoking

We are long past the days of ‘Mad Men’ – when it was socially acceptable to smoke in every office, home and restaurant. With the advent of stricter non-smoking laws to protect bystanders, smokers were forced outdoors. Electronic cigarettes and ‘vaping’ have entered the scene, offering a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco products, and FlavourArt srl provides the perfect accessories. The Italian company produces flavours for e-cigarettes, making smoking tasteful again. Massimiliano Mancini, CEO and Founder of FlavourArt, believes vaping is the future of smoking, and his company is primed to serve this growing market.


Coffee culture meets wellness trend

Coffee culture is an integral part of the Italian psyche. A latte for breakfast and an espresso to end dinner are the traditional way to bookend the typical Italian day. Coffee is also where Olibar Srl’s business starts and ends, although the company’s approach is anything but traditional. With its FoodNess concept, the Italian catering specialist is bringing together coffee culture and the ever-growing wellness trend, thereby expanding the options available to the coffee barfrequenting Italian public.


Making European marketing successful

The notion that the European dairy industry is just surviving because of subsidies is among the most dominant and frequently quoted myths. European agriculture has actually been competing on world markets for years without relying on export subsidies. Bayernland Srl in Sterzing, Italy, is a fine example of flexible and successful marketing. With an annual output of 100,000 t, the Italian subsidiary of Bavarian Bayernland eG is one of Europe’s leading distributors of dairy products and operates successfully in an industry that has to cope with frequent fluctuations.


Waste not, want not: future energy is green

Committed to investing in the environment, but not sure how – a dilemma that many companies around the world are facing. They have a vision of being ‘green’, but do not really know how to go about it in practical terms. Waste disposal is a particular area of concern; millions of tons of waste are generated every year and environmentally friendly methods of dealing with waste can be complicated. Fluence Italy, a member of US-based Fluence Corporation, is a specialist in the field of waste-to-energy and anaerobic digestion processes, and helps clients to recycle biodegradable waste to produce biogas.


The green solution

When it comes to renewable energy, Italy is a kind of role model. According to data published by Eurostat, over 17% of its energy comes from renewable sources. Given this amount, the country has already surpassed its renewable energy target for 2020. There is a great awareness about climate change, and Italians know they make the difference in preserving the environment. PLT puregreen SpA is keen to make the difference, too. The company concentrates on the supply of green energy – green energy and nothing else.


How a smile leads to success

The customer is king. This simple yet true motto has led many companies to success. However, especially in the retail sector, many firms and their employees forget how important it is to be friendly and to show customers a genuine smile that makes them feel welcome. Renord S.p.A. based in Sesto San Giovanni and Milan has always put its customers first, developing from a small workshop to a leading car dealer in the Province of Milan. The company represents the brands Renault, Nissan and Dacia at five retail shops and has become a preferred partner of its clients due to its close attention to the demands of customers.


Hiking real estate value in Italy

A decision to buy property is probably the biggest and almost certainly the costliest decision we are ever likely to make. Unlike the past, when price was the only important concern, today buyers consider many other factors before deciding on a purchase, a fact that Fernando Grattirola, Managing Director of Stelline Real Estate SpA in Italy, understands only too well.


Italian Luxury Fashion: Where Style is DNA

If you think about fashion, there are two countries that come to mind: France, yes, but also Italy. It seems that Italy, so full of vibrant culture, easily managed to transfer its heritage of Renaissance men and famous painters into fashion. Italian fabric has had an unsurpassed reputation for centuries. But it is the unique Italian style, the country’s fashion DNA, which has inspired companies such as Cris Conf S.p.A. to make Italian fashion a worldwide business.


From South Tyrol to the world

Moving goods across the mountains that divide northern and southern Europe presents its own specific set of challenges. In the South Tyrol region of northern Italy, the options to move freight by train are limited, which means most of the wine produced in the area must be transported to northern customers by road. Alpentrans Logistics specializes in food and beverage transportation from Italian and South Tyrolean producers to customers around the world. Last year, the family-owned company shipped more than 134 million bottles of wine, beer and spirits.