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Business in Italy


Making the dream of innovation come true

An innovative company with a strong international position – Laurini Officine Meccaniche Srl in Busseto in Italy has earned this description through its enthusiastic approach towards the efficient and effective use of ‘intelligent strength’. The company’s highly specialized range of crushing machines, screening machines, pipeline vehicles and pipeline equipment provides solutions for initiatives all over the world.


Bottling ahead of competition

Italy is one of the leading wine producers in the world. Italian wine is the most widely exported one on a global scale, and Italy also consumes the most wine of any country in the world. Closely linked to the development of the winemaking sector in Italy is the history of Gruppo Bertolaso S.p.A. with headquarters in Zimella, Verona. The company is the leader in the design and manufacture of bottling equipment for wines and also offers machines for spirits and fruit-based beverages. Bertolaso is not only a market leader in the wine sector, but also renowned worldwide as a provider of intelligent solutions for the bottling industry.


A new way of measuring

Ask any manufacturing company how it can best improve profitability and the answer is likely to involve increasing productivity. For manufacturers of turned cylindrical parts, Vici & C. SpA in Italy offers the latest innovation to take productivity to the next level, even for smaller batches. The new Vicivision Techno series of optical measuring machines allows every part produced on a CNC lathe to be measured within the production environment, thereby guaranteeing that time is saved.


Turnkey rail transit solutions

Ansaldo Signalling and Transportation Systems (Ansaldo STS) S.p.A. has been a consistent global leader in the rail transport and signal-ling industry over the past century. Specializing in all aspects of railroad engineering, construction and management, Ansaldo STS is described as a turnkey railway construction, automation and signalling company which offers all related expertise and components from fittings, tunnelling and control systems to automation and signalling equipment. With offices worldwide, Ansaldo STS continues to make significant strides in the optimization of passenger and freight transit.


Innovation made in Italy

Creative ideas and innovative approaches have led to many solutions that have made people’s lives easier. Thanks to top-performing engineering firms, many production processes have been optimized. Vortex Hydra S.r.l. with headquarters in Fossalta di Copparo, Italy, is among those companies that have helped customers save time and costs with innovative ideas in the design and development of products, machinery and plants. This year, the Italian firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary.


The natural option

With today’s consumers being constantly bombarded with advice and recommendations on what constitutes a healthy diet, business has never been better for suppliers of fruit and vegetables. Whatever the latest fad, few would dispute that products of the earth should form a substantial part of a nutritious daily diet. Fruit and vegetables come in many shapes and sizes, and the best taste is not always obtained from perfectly shaped fruit. Villafrut srl, based near Verona in northern Italy, has many years of experience in the trade and knows what it takes to grow the very best, natural produce.


The balance of old and new

Digitization is a global challenge and is gaining momentum. Also banks need to come to terms with technologies that have transformed sector after sector. There is increasing pressure on financial institutions to move to a digital business. Cassa Rurale di Rovereto is one of the many banks facing these new challenges. The bank is deeply rooted in the region and has always put the individual needs of its clients first.


The day-to-day feeding of a workforce

Italians are renowned for two major things: near-flawless design in high-end automobiles and delectable food. The latter attribute, coupled with a passion for research and innovation, a focus on healthy eating and a unique quality management style drives the success of the second-generation, family-owned commercial food catering service I.F.M. S.p.A.


Restoring the natural balance

The human intestine plays host to billions of bacteria that help it to perform its function of digesting the food we eat and absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream. However, a host of factors can disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut, leading to the kinds of intestinal problems such as bloating, cramping, diarrhoea and even more severe problems that affect so many people today. Probiotical S.p.A. is part of Group Movin Alce, a major Italian industrial and research concern active in the dairy industry. Probiotical exploits 30 years of research to produce probiotic lactic acid bacteria aimed at restoring the natural intestinal flora essential to healthy digestion.


Innovation drives us

It is all about tremendous efforts in various industries and a mass of superlatives when one looks at Silcart S.p.A. from Carbonera in the Treviso region. The company will celebrate its 50th anniversary in two years’ time and until then new innovations will be launched in order to document the supremacy in the sector of flexible facings for insulating panels and of underlays for various roofing solutions as well as synthetic and minerals facings materials for the building sector and general industry. This broad approach is clear proof of Silcart’s flexibility and has paved the way to the company’s global success.