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Business in Italy


Digital and stationary retail – two sides of the same coin

It is a relationship that is often described in absolute terms of being a choice between one or the other, but according to Retex SpA, stationary and digital retail are not mutually exclusive. According to Retex Cofounder Fausto Caprini, the two sales models should not be seen as wholly separate entities but as two sides of the same coin. He predicts that, in the coming years, 80% of retail sales will still be made in brick-and-mortar shops and that that is where the competitive advantages of personal service and digital technology will come together.


Fashionable timelessness

Timing is everything. Nowhere is this statement more true than in the fashion world. While seasonal collections still play an important role, for many companies they are no longer the main driver that they once were. One designer which has completely embraced the new fashion mentality is the Italian M Symbol Group S.R.L. With a number of brands in its portfolio, Matchless is the most important, combining a long and illustrious heritage with the fast-moving demands of today’s fashion-conscious consumers.


Standing apart in office furnishings

The furnishings of a company define the working atmosphere in the office. How the space is divided, where staff sit and how they store their files in day-to-day business are crucial for employee morale. Faram 1957 S.p.A., based in Giavera del Montello, is a leader in office furniture sector. The Italian company also provides office partitions and exports 50% of its total production.


A golden art for a gilded age

There is a reason why the lobby of the Empire State Building shines like the sun. Its ceiling is covered in 24-karat gold and aluminium leaf. Founded in 1928, just two years before the completion of the Empire State Building, Nazionale Battitura Metalli SRL continues a tradition of gold beating that goes back 5,000 years.


Engineering Industry 4.0

The automotive sector is at the vanguard of new technology. Topics such as electromobility or self-driving technology are never far from the headlines. But it is not just the end product that is being influenced by new thinking and new approaches. Car-makers are early adopters of Industry 4.0 so that engineering processes used in manufacturing are as cutting edge as it gets. Italian process engineering specialist C.A.A.R. SpA in Turin is one of the leading proponents of Industry 4.0-compatible design. It partners with many of the leading automotive brands to lead the way in high-tech engineering design.


Fancy zucchini or zoodles?

In the world of food, trends are often short-lived. Over recent years, we have seen a wide range of trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, ethical issues and the environment. There is no doubt; the food future will be dominated by a veggie-centric cuisine. Emilia Foods Srl in Modena is one of the preferred suppliers of some of the most important U.S retailers, and will benefit from this trend. The Italian company is a specialist when it comes to trendy food – and has long become a trendsetter itself.


Optimizing for mutual success

As a member of the FomGroup, a worldwide market leader in aluminium and PVC working machinery, Italian company TEX Computer SRL has a solid foundation and an extensive network. Nevertheless, the supplier of solutions for industrial automation has achieved tremendous success in its own right through its innovative technology and customer focus.


Climate in control

Chronothermostats are used for the time-controlled, energy-efficient management of heating or air-conditioning systems in private, commercial and industrial buildings. Vemer S.p.A. is specialized in these very helpful products, which the Italian company supplies to customers in Europe and Northern Africa. Besides chronothermostats, the medium-sized enterprise offers more than 1,000 other highly engineered electronic devices that help save energy and enhance safety.


The fast track to tasty fish

Too much to do and no time to cook: most of us experience this feeling from time to time. Lack of time is no reason, however, not to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. Medi S.r.l., based near Rome, specializes in high-quality, pre-prepared fish dishes, vegetable accompaniments and sauces, which are ready to eat in just a few minutes.


How to excel in a ‘simple’ product

Many industrial sectors, from mechanical engineering firms to DIY stores, depend on screws and bolts – as either vendor parts or articles for sale. They come in thousands of different sizes, geometries and qualities for just as many different applications. It is a sector, therefore, requiring significant competence – such as that offered by EMMEVI Srl, an Italian business with four decades of technological expertise in all types of fastening products.