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Business in Italy


Automated concepts

The massive leaps forward in productivity the manufacturing sector has experienced over the past 50 years are thanks to widespread automation of repetitive manufacturing steps. Accuracy and consistently high quality are just two of the advantages a modern, automated production line offers. These are the hallmarks of the lines designed and created by Bizzotto Giovanni Automation Srl in Italy.


Supplying professionals with the tools of the trade

Professional workers rely on professional tools to carry out their work to the highest possible standards. Meccanocar Italia S.r.l. is a trading and distribution company that specializes in the supply of tools and consumables for the automotive, truck, metalworking and manufacturing sectors. Its flexible organization and reliable logistics allow it to add value to an extensive product range encompassing more than 30,000 catalogue items.


The digital marketer’s handbook

When looking for a new product or service, around 80% of potential customers consult a search engine first. According to SEO experts, if your company is not on the first results page, you are nowhere. But digital marketing is about more than just gaming SEO algorithms. Italian expert Sembox S.r.l. brings a whole other box of tricks to the table.


Concentration of competence

They are true European superheroes – small and medium-sized companies, companies with 5 to 250 employees. Compared to other European countries Italy has a high rate of SMEs for its level of industrialization. However, there are difficulties in being small. AVM Gestioni brings SMEs together, aims to join forces to enhance their competitiveness.


The lion is a symbol for courage, strength and leadership – and perfectly reflects the values of TAG S.R.L., which is headquartered in Dolzago. The Italian company is a powerful leader in innovative heat treatment services and is constantly striving to improve the quality of services to better support customers. Being a reliable and competent solution-provider has always had top priority.


Allowing agriculture and biodiversity to co-exist through innovative solutions

Agriculture has left an indelible imprint on the landscape, transforming formerly wooded areas into open fields and pastures where modern monocultures have had a detrimental effect on biodiversity, fertility and environment. Are we sure this is the only feasible model to be followed? NeoruraleHub has demonstrated in Italy that biodiversity can exist alongside agricultural production and a return to a natural landscape is possible. By partnering the rural areas with urban development, it is possible to create synergies to transform agricultural suburbs into environmental services providers for the cities, where energy is recovered, waste recycled and the resulting enjoyable environment can become the place for promoting innovation and start-ups. NeoruraleHub has created the first real-scale project just 18 km away from the center of Milan.


Projecting success in audio and video systems

Hotels and businesses around the world count on projection equipment and audio systems to put on banquets and other larger events successfully. The Italian company Adeo Group Spa is an expert in professional audio and video equipment in addition to systems for home use. Not only does it sell and distribute these systems, it also produces the equipment through its Polish subsidiary, Adeo Screen.


Fitted for exceptional design

Italian companies are known for their ability to create unparalleled designs. Brands such as Ferrari, Armani or Ducati have become internationally famous, setting the standard when it comes to new styles and trends in their different markets. In the area of designer taps and fittings for bathrooms, Rubinetterie 3M S.r.l., based in Asciano, Province of Sienna, Italy, is a master in the art of designing products that surprise the customers with their unique style. However, not only the exceptional design of Rubinetterie 3M’s products convinces the market, but also the excellent quality and good price are reasons for the success of the brand.


The land where lemons grow

It is an image that goes far back into times – from the years when the famous German novelist Goethe travelled through Italy, it was the lemon that impressed him for good. Today, citrus fruits from Italy – and lemons and oranges in particular – are still closely associated with the Italian landscape. Agro Fruit SRL knows all too well about the taste of lemons and oranges that the company distributes to large retail customers in Italy and beyond.


Lighting the way with LED

In 2018, the halogen bulb followed the incandescent bulb onto the rubbish heap of history with the coming into force of a Europe-wide ban. Although halogen bulbs reduce energy consumption by up to 30% in comparison to traditional bulbs, they can’t hold a candle to the energy savings of up to 90% achieved by LEDs. Light emitting diodes, or LEDs for short, are the future of illumination, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Linea Light S.r.l. in Italy was among the first to recognize the potential of LED technology and, thanks to its status as a first mover, is now a leading light in the LED lighting market.