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Business in Italy


Lighting the way with LED

In 2018, the halogen bulb followed the incandescent bulb onto the rubbish heap of history with the coming into force of a Europe-wide ban. Although halogen bulbs reduce energy consumption by up to 30% in comparison to traditional bulbs, they can’t hold a candle to the energy savings of up to 90% achieved by LEDs. Light emitting diodes, or LEDs for short, are the future of illumination, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Linea Light S.r.l. in Italy was among the first to recognize the potential of LED technology and, thanks to its status as a first mover, is now a leading light in the LED lighting market.


Connecting paper with the digital world

While a paperless business world may be the ultimate goal, the current reality is that a massive amount of paper continues to be generated. Nevertheless, huge progress towards digitalization has been made, and a modern-day dilemma for many companies is that paper-based information often needs to be integrated into their high-tech digital systems. Using scanners, this task may at first glance seem relatively easy, but to achieve effective storage, retrieval and systems integration is a highly complex process. Swiss Post Solutions S.p.A., the Italian subsidiary of Swiss Post Solutions AG, is the expert of choice for Italian clients.


Durable dies

It started as a small workshop for metal parts, established by eight talented, ambitious brothers. Today, it is a leading provider of stamping solutions to the European automotive sector. Located in an area with a strong mechanical tradition, Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. specializes in high-quality dies to manufacture components and complete assemblies that last as long as the vehicle they are built into.


Stylish household products, headache-free logistics

Retail stores and chains, particularly those in the household goods sector, depend on a steady supply of attractive and marketable products. One of their biggest challenges, given the often limited in-store space and the high cost of warehouse facilities, is to create effective logistics operations that not only store goods safely and securely, but also ensure that products are delivered to the stores on demand, quickly and efficiently. Italian company Pengo S.p.a. offers its customers the solution to both dilemmas under one roof. The family concern specializes in the supply of functional and decorative products for the whole home, and offers a logistics service that takes the headache out of stock and storage planning.


Treating fabrics the Italian way

Fabric is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when we think of innovation, but the reality is that it is used in a multitude of applications, all of which require the fabric to be dyed and finished in a particular way. This processing is today a complex, high-tech activity. Italy, with its world-famous fashion and automotive industries, has a huge demand for fabric finishing. With a history dating back some 45 years, one of the leading companies in this sector is Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 Srl.


Full steam ahead

By definition steam is the gaseous phase of water. For many reasons, steam is used as a preferred media to convey heat over distances. When talking about innovative steam system solutions Spirax Sarco immediately comes to mind – thinking steam means thinking Spirax Sarco. The company has offices all around the world; in Italy, it’s headquarters are located in Nova Milanese.


Plastic makes perfect

Since 1985, the family-run Rialti has been pioneering the plastics industry with its production of polypropylene compounds. Serving a variety of industries, Rialti uses its high-tech production plant in northern Italy to manufacture both virgin and recycled plastics, which are then distributed to its many European and international customers.


Mining a volcanic seam to success

Italy’s unique geology and mineral treasures have been exploited for thousands of years. From alabaster to marble and granite, Italians have quarried materials with which to build and decorate their homes since before Roman times. The hills of Tuscany are also quarried for pumice, lapillus and zeolite – products of a volcanic past with their own highly favourable properties. EuroPomice S.r.l. specializes in the mining, extraction and production of these inert volcanic materials. With more than four decades of experience, it is now the market leader for volcanic materials and mixtures.


Milan’s freshest picks

Fresh, fresh, fresh is the only way to go. When cooking, Italians do not compromise on fresh yet simple ingredients. Eating seasonally in Italy means eating fresh ingredients at the height of their flavour. It comes as no surprise, though, that markets are popular spots to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Italy’s biggest wholesale market is located in Milan, moving around 10% of the total goods that pass through all the fruit and vegetable markets in the country. SO.GE.M.I. S.p.A. is the company behind this vibrant marketplace – a company with ambitious plans to provide fresh impetus.


Writing new chapters in a sweet family story

Gian Luigi Babbi has the taste and scent of confectionary in his blood. As a child, he lived in the building where his grandfather, Attilio Babbi, established his business making wafers and ingredients for ice cream production. Managing Director and Owner Gian Luigi Babbi belongs to the third generation to lead the family concern, BABBI Srl, which is based in Bertinoro bei Cesena in northern Italy. The country is the birthplace of the delicious, rich and creamy gelato, considered by many experts to be the best ice cream in the world. BABBI, and the family behind the company, has contributed in no small measure to this achievement.