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Business in Italy


Italian leather goes green

Italian leather is highly acclaimed all around the world. The most exclusive fashion houses appreciate its unique quality. It comes as no surprise though that in 2017, the Italian leather tanning industry was worth 20% of global manufacturing and 65% of the European one. Despite deep historical roots many companies are open to new ideas and concepts. Among them is Conceria Leather World srl in Solofra – a tannery that strives to produce exclusive leather products in harmony with and respect for the planet and its natural ecosystems.


A winning partnership of design and marketing

The term ‘aluminium components’ conjures up a picture of pieces of metal that are, perhaps, not especially interesting and are produced by thousands of companies around the world. This is also the core product of Italian manufacturer Ossicolor srl; however its products are far from boring. Ossicolor’s founders, Matteo Cecchele and Luigi Masciocchi, possessed complementary talents in design, technology, production and marketing which, when combined, ensured that the company’s portfolio of aluminium components for kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture was anything but ordinary.


The true team player

Intersport, the world’s leading sporting goods retailer, is known for merchandise produced by a wide selection of reputable brands for the most popular sports. In 1997, Cisalfa Sport and other retailers established Intersport Italia S.p.A., a cooperation of several retailers that has continued Intersport’s tradition of excellence and increased its visibility in the Italian market. Through partnerships with tried-and-true brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as the development of its own private labels, the Bologna-based Intersport Italia is making waves for its unique and collaborative business model.


Stitching with a successful thread

The fashion world is synonymous with ground-breaking ideas; developing new trends and designs are what keeps the wheels of the fashion industry turning. However, the concept of trailblazing does not end with the style of the clothes that appear on the catwalk or in high street stores; the materials they are made from are often equally innovative. Italian firm Manifattura Italiana Cucirini SPA has been supplying sewing thread to garment manufacturers for over 40 years, and continues to create new, cutting-edge yarns with unique characteristics to meet the exacting demands of fashion designers around the world.


A clean sweep

Labour-saving devices for the home have greatly eased the burden of housework for modern households but many cleaning jobs still require hands-on effort. Still, there is help to be had in the shape of the cleaning sponges, scrubbers, mops and brushes made by the Italian company Arix S.p.a. in Viadana between Milan and Parma. Next year, the family-owned company celebrates 50 years in the Italian household cleaning sector with brands such as Tonkita brooms, which have become a household name in their domestic market. Although Arix is active worldwide, exports only account for around 13% of turnover. This is its key priority for the future.


Castings that simply stand out

The Italian foundry industry is facing great challenges. Competition in the European market is expected to intensify due to increasing pressure from Far East manufacturers. However, since manufacturing technologies made in Italy guarantee top quality castings, and Italian companies do not consider themselves as pure suppliers but as cooperative and supportive partners, firms such as Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa still achieve good results. The company is synonymous with 70 years of know-how and exceptional innovation.


Comfort and safety rolled into one

Individuals that work in the agriculture and public service industries help put food on the table, keep the streets clean and a variety of other behind-the-scenes jobs. Eurocab Torino s.r.l works to keep these individuals safe as they help make everyone’s life better.


Aluminium, pans and more

Italy is famous for its culinary traditions. It therefore comes as no surprise that one of the most prominent international companies for equipment to produce these delicious foods – namely professional frying pans – is also found here. Agnelli Industries Group – Agnelli Metalli S.p.a. based in Bergamo is an ISO-certified group of companies with more than 100 years of experience and know-how in metal processing in general and pans in particular. Run by the fourth generation, this family-owned company offers both great flexibility and a close connection to its customers.


360° cleaning – and more

Cleaning services include floors, windows and everything in between – plus a lot more. Gruppo Clean Service Srl in Osio Sotto is a specialist when it comes to reliable cleaning services. The company offers tailor-made solutions for the most diverse needs, regardless whether for a small office building or a spacious warehouse. Understanding customer needs is always the starting point for Gruppo Clean Service. The company has already gained an excellent reputation and is now ready to face new challenges.


Exporting expertise

The renewable energies sector is one of the most dynamically evolving markets worldwide. Double-digit growth rates are the rule rather than the exception. This is also true for Elettrostudio Energia SpA. The Italian company constructs and manages wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass power plants all over the country and is now aiming to use its technical expertise and project management know-how to develop other European markets, too.