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Business in The Netherlands

Interview with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

Urban Cycling: Getting inspired by the Netherlands

The Dutch Cycling Embassy, a public-private partnership based in Delft, wants to enable cities around the world to learn from the striking example the Netherlands has been setting in urban cycling over the past four decades. But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Amsterdam’s reputation as the world’s most popular place to explore by bike. European Business spoke with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager, about how the Netherlands became the world’s number one cycling country and how other cities can benefit from the cycling experience of the Dutch.


Building a more sustainable future together

The construction industry is always expanding and changing. Alongside the commercial building industry, the DIY sector has been steadily on the rise for over a decade. The Berdal Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been a leading producer, supplier and private-label specialist of synthetic and rubber-based products for the past 45 years. The firm is also active in the creation of a range of products that uses technical membranes and waterproofing construction membranes.

Interview with Hylke Martens, Data Analyst & Event Manager at Somnox

Better sleep: Cuddling with the robot next to you

We spend almost a third of our lifetime in bed – but not everyone gets the rest they need. Dutch company Somnox has taken a completely new approach to tackling sleeplessness or poor sleep by inventing a sleep robot. Why the sleep robot might be the long-sought solution and how it affects the sleeping routine of couples explained Data Analyst Hylke Martens in an interview with European Business.


On trend in consumer electronics

In the dynamic world of consumer electronics, demand is often driven by emerging trends in other sectors. Products designed to support independent health care are a prime example, as are devices that support the smart home concept. Successful manufacturers recognize that their product range has to move with the times. Dutch company Cresta International B.V., which has been in the consumer electronics business for over 40 years, continually achieves this. Its health care and smart home devices now play a central role in its broad portfolio of small electronics.

Interview with Sander Letema, Co-Founder of Infento

Let your children become creators, not consumers

Why buy a ride when you can build one yourself – and foster your children’s engineering skills in the process? That’s the idea behind Infento: The Dutch company manufactures and sells kits from which children ages two and up and their parents can build actual rides. European Business spoke with Infento’s co-founder Sander Letema about the rave response his product garnered from customers and Kickstarter investors, the importance of engineering skills for succeeding in the jobs of the 21st century and why children’s shorter attention spans are no problem for Infento’s ride kits.


IT migration:Trading old for new

Businesses have been run on computers since the 1970s. It is no wonder then that businesses that help firms move from so-called ‘legacy’ systems, to newer, more efficient platforms, are finding increasing demand. CTO Romke Wijmenga of Netherlands-based firm Asysco is leading his firm’s efforts to excel in this sector by offering an automated and guided migration process.

Interview with Eva Gouwens, CEO at Fairphone

175,000 sold Fairphones: Sending a strong signal to the industry

The Fairphone 2 is sold out – this is the latest news from the Dutch company Fairphone, which hit the headlines with its ecological, sustainable and modular approach on smartphones thereby creating an alternative to the common market players. European Business talked to CEO Ewa Gouwens about the past, present and especially the future of Fairphone.


Allergen-safe, worry-free spices

One thing guaranteed to harm a food manufacturer’s business above all else is a succession of product recalls. Almost 70% of recalls are caused by the incorrect labelling of allergens in raw ingredients or blends in the supply chain, an error that can prove extremely costly. Dutch Spices BV produces herbs and spices, primarily for the food industry, and is recognized as a pioneer in outstanding allergen management – correct labelling and the prevention of cross-contamination in production, transport and storage.

Interview with Els van der Helm, Sleep expert and co-founder of Shleep

The importance of sleep: Why sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic levels

Do you sleep seven to nine hours per night, as recommended? If you sleep less than six hours per night you have a problem. Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem all over the world. European Business talked to sleep expert Els van der Helm about the importance of sleep, what employers can teach their employees and how you can be sure you get a good night’s sleep.


Invisible yet everywhere

Everyone knows the big names in the fashion industry; from haute couture to the high street, we are constantly surrounded by familiar brands. In contrast, some names are less well known or even completely obscure, but have an equally huge presence in our lives. The HVEG Fashion Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a company which most of us have never heard of, yet its clothing and accessories are all around us, sold under the brand names of a multitude of retailers around Europe. The group itself proclaims: “You don’t see us, but we are everywhere.”