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Business in The Netherlands


Beauty and fashion favourites

Backed by more than 100 years of tradition in the distribution of beauty and fashion accessories, ilmo from Elst, the Netherlands, offers its retail clients a whole selection of products made under its own Bware brand, private labels or licences. The ilmo line comprising internationally renowned brands such as Difrax, Revlon and Deborah Milano complements the offer. At the same time, the company’s ability to provide total solutions is greatly appreciated by its manufacturing partners.


The bottom of the barrel

When petroleum is distilled, different products separate out depending on their weights. Propane, gasoline and jet fuel stay towards the top. Diesel and lubricating oil are below that, and at the bottom is bunker oil, which is less dense than only carbon black and bituminous residue. Bunker oil or bunker fuel is any type of fuel oil used on ships, named so because of where it used to be stored. Bunker fuel is the mainstay of Lukoil Benelux B.V., based in Rotterdam. The company successfully scrapes the bottom of the barrel by supplying bunker and other fuels throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


Sign of the times

The urban landscape has a unique visual language that is expressed through street signs and functional street furniture. Each country has its own specific signing language in which fonts, colours and symbols provide a grammatical framework that everyone can recognise and understand. Within the constraints of this language there is still room for individual creativity and, like any language, signing is constantly evolving and changing. One of the leading interpreters of this language is HR Groep B.V. in the Netherlands.