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Business in Poland


Enhancing employment opportunities with robotics

The past 30 years have seen tremendous advances in the world of electronics and automation. When the digital revolution began, many predicted that automation would eventually spell the end of employment as we know it. So far, this gloomy outlook has not come to fruition, and many believe it never will. Jack Pukal, CEO of Polish engineering company PROSTER Sp. z. o.o., is one of those who believe automation will continue to bring positive developments to the industrial workforce.


What it means to be seen

It is no secret that one of the most widely debated topics is the progression of human activity and the degradation of the planet we call home. While many companies remain ignorant about the importance of caring for the natural environment, some make special efforts to coexist with it. Others have made it their mission to preserve the planet as we know it, understanding that our ecosystems are not individually functioning segments but a truly connected whole. Polish company SEEN Technologie sp. z o.o. fights for this universal whole through its business and its measures to protect the beautiful environment we have been given.


Creativity and style for women’s legs

It seems like a dream come true: When the founders of Gabriella were about to realise their vision of their own hosiery enterprise, it was both coincidence and luck that were they able to buy used machinery from a closed hosiery production site in Łódź. The young entrepreneurs wanted to bring modern and classic tights to the Polish markets. Looking back 23 years now, it seems that their idea has turned into a true business success. Gabriella is market leader in Poland and the company exports its legwear to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Saving sailors and the sea

Even for experienced seafarers, the ocean can be unpredictable and, at times, treacherous. Equally, the seas themselves are often put in danger due to catastrophes such as oil spillages and other types of contamination. Polish maritime search and rescue service Morska Służba Poszukiwania i Ratownictwa rescues and protects both sailors and the sea.


Real estate with a vision

Developing houses that are welcomed by their owners is relatively easy in the higher end of the market. Achieving this for the average citizen by developing well-designed apartments that allow for several functions and increase in value over time is an art in itself. Victoria Dom S.A. is a Polish family-owned project developer with a clear vision of residential development. The company is currently active in Warsaw and Berlin. With sales exceeding 1,000 apartments per year, the future is looking bright for this lean and profitable organisation. Victoria Dom S.A is headquartered in Warsaw.


A follower in the best sense

Following the customer abroad is a well-tested strategy, especially in the manufacturing sector. A good example is provided by the white goods industry, which moved its production more and more to the east in the last decade. The Italian Europlastica Group, a major supplier of injection moulded parts to this industry, therefore decided to set up its own plant in Poland ten years ago: EPP Sp. z o. o. Since then, the company has developed into a leading Polish plastics processor with growing international ambitions.


Bigger ships - bigger equipment

Container vessels are getting bigger and bigger. The largest can load more than 19,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU). The deck equipment, therefore, has to keep pace with this development. Towimor SA is following the trend towards bigger ships very closely. The Polish company is constantly adapting its products – deck cranes, cable lifters, mooring winches and many other high-tech devices – to growing demands and has thus developed into one of the leading global players in maritime and offshore solutions.


Masters of multi-talents

Surfactants are multifunctional substances which led themselves to a wide variety of applications. The surface-active substances can be found in a range of different products from toothpaste to concrete or food. The Polish company PCC Exol SA ranks among the biggest manufacturers of surfactants in Central and Eastern Europe. The specialists of PCC Exol SA are well reputed, too, as a driving force in developing new formulations and opening up new applications.


A successful transformation

The Polish company SATORIA Group is the result of a privatization process – of employee or stock ownership privatization, to be exact. While it used to be a state-owned company in 1980s and 1990s, the employees had the opportunity to buy the company from the state in 1996. In the past 18 years, SATORIA was able to successfully transform its business from a local Warsaw operation to Poland-wide operations. Today, the company is a national player in the hotel business.


Care with a difference

The Polish healthcare system is characterized by a growing private healthcare market, due to government reforms and a decreasing share of public expenditure in total spending on health care in Poland. This is creating choice for patients and opportunities for private healthcare providers. A pioneer and leader in this fast evolving market is Medicover Sp. z o.o. The privately owned company is a care organization that really wants to make a difference for its customers.