Sii Sp. z o.o.

Global technology services from the heart of Europe
In the ultra competitive and ever-changing world of technology, envisage a company that can solve all your IT and engineering challenges in a one-stop shop. Now imagine finding such a company that can also offer an innovative, cost-effective, international service from the heart of Europe, with highly motivated and talented staff and guaranteed system security. Based in Poland, Sii Sp. z o.o. currently provides just such a service to over 100 clients in 20 countries across the world.

Health & Medical Industry

Medi-System SP. Z O.O.

Poland’s player in rehab
As the population throughout Europe ages, the provision of health care is one of the greatest concerns. At the same time, new and improved treatments including cosmetic surgery mean the demand for health services is increasing across all demographics – not merely for the elderly. After an accident, incident or surgery, physical therapy, either on an inpatient or outpatient basis, is extremely important for a patient’s complete rehabilitation. Medi-System SP. Z O.O. is a Polish provider of medical care. The company’s health centers offer long-term and short-term inpatient and outpatient services.

Health & Medical Industry

Merck Sp. z o.o.

Creating value for people
There are only a few companies which can look back on a history of almost 350 years. Merck in Poland is part of the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world as Merck’s roots date back as far as 1668. The company started its operations on the Polish market in 1992. That means that for over 20 years now, patients and clients in Poland have been able to benefit from the high quality of Merck products.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

Eko Export S. A.

One man’s waste is another man’s gold
In the scramble for alternative energy sources, coal-fired power stations have had a bad press. Dirty, smelly and inefficient, they do nothing more than smother the environment in dust. But this dust has a value, as Eko Export S. A. knows only too well.

Health & Medical Industry

Perlan Technologies Polska Sp. z o.o.

Laboratory equipment for a better world
The impact of digitalization can be felt everywhere. Especially in the chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences markets, new technologies are resulting in products, treatments and methods which improve people’s lives. Modern laboratories boast state-of-the-art research and testing equipment to ensure precise results. Perlan Technologies Polska Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw, is an authorized distributor of Agilent Technologies, a leading supplier to the life science, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. Following a service-oriented approach, Roman Wydra, Chairman of the Board, aims to double the company’s sales in the next five years.

European Business


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