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Business in Poland


Made in Olimp – health headquarters

Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. is the place where fitness, health and science all intersect. Founded in 1990 and originally focused on dietetic foods, the pharmaceutical company quickly grew to become the international success it is today after developing some key innovative products. Headquartered in southeastern Poland, Olimp Labs has built a reputation for being a center of fitness and scientific research, breakthroughs and education serving the Polish and international communities alike.


The healthy alternative to milk

Milk and dairy products are essential in a healthy and balanced diet. However, more and more people are suffering from lactose intolerance and do not tolerate cow’s milk. For those people, goat’s milk products provide a healthy alternative. Agro-Danmis Gramowscy Sp. J. with headquarters in Bukowiec, Poland, offers a broad range of dairy products made of goat’s milk.


Perfect combination

Quality, made-to-measure products, outstanding customer orientation and fast, reliable delivery – what sounds like the perfect combination of critical success factors is daily routine at Zelmotor Sp. z o.o. Based at the heart of Europe, the Polish company supplies electrical motors to major home appliance firms at home and abroad.


International transport at its best

The international transport sector in Europe is facing serious challenges. Finding excellent drivers is an issue for any company focussing on road transport. On top of that, the European Commission is undertaking actions to make mobility safer and cleaner, leading to new regulations and a CO2 emissions standard for heavy-duty vehicles that will affect every transport company from a cost perspective. KOIMEX S.A. is based in Świebodzin in Poland and specializes in international road transports along the axis France – Germany – Poland. The company is well equipped to meet the new European regulations.


Competence in steel

The new train station in Lodz won the steel construction award in 2017 thanks to its exceptional design and steel construction. It was designed and built by Zekon Sp. z. o.o., the Polish subsidiary of the international Zeman Group from Austria. Since the 1990s, Zekon has built up a reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers of steel constructions. The company is the only Polish manufacturer and supplier of SIN beams, which are renowned for their low weight and wide spans. In the coming years, Zekon will strengthen its focus on SIN beams still further.


Covering for unpredictability

For farmers, this year’s exceptionally hot and dry summer has not been a cause for celebration. The lack of rain means that harvests of corn, maize and a host of other crops are substantially lower than normal. While consumers complain about higher prices at the till, farmers without insurance are counting a more existential cost of the unusually dry conditions. In Poland, one of Europe’s most important agricultural producers, Concordia Polska Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych is adding drought insurance to its range of covered risks.


More than a game

When it comes to professional sports, there is much more than just the sport itself. There are the personalities of the athletes, the fans, the high-profile locations and the sponsors. It is never the team or the athletes who are responsible for their own marketing. Instead, that work is outsourced to a specialized company – a company like Lagardère Sports. The Polish branch of the multinational company cooperates with the Polish Football Association and the Polish National Team to fulfill their marketing needs. Lagardère Sports Poland sp. z o.o. is the market leader in its segment.


Sophisticating the art of prime vegetable farming

The challenges of the farming industry are well documented; costs are high, and a season of poor weather can have a devastating effect, and even threaten a farmer’s whole livelihood. Some, therefore, choose to form a cooperative with other farmers to try to mitigate the risks, share costs, and improve their produce and service. Grupa Producentów Warzyw PRIMAVEGA Sp. z o.o. in central Poland is a perfect example. The cooperative is a modern, sophisticated organization, producing goods which meet all the global standards in respect of food safety and quality, and in the volumes that are necessary to meet market needs.


A follower in the best sense

Following the customer abroad is a well-tested strategy, especially in the manufacturing sector. A good example is provided by the white goods industry, which moved its production more and more to the east in the last decade. The Italian Europlastica Group, a major supplier of injection moulded parts to this industry, therefore decided to set up its own plant in Poland ten years ago: EPP Sp. z o. o. Since then, the company has developed into a leading Polish plastics processor with growing international ambitions.


Bigger ships - bigger equipment

Container vessels are getting bigger and bigger. The largest can load more than 19,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU). The deck equipment, therefore, has to keep pace with this development. Towimor SA is following the trend towards bigger ships very closely. The Polish company is constantly adapting its products – deck cranes, cable lifters, mooring winches and many other high-tech devices – to growing demands and has thus developed into one of the leading global players in maritime and offshore solutions.