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Business in Poland


Masters of multi-talents

Surfactants are multifunctional substances which led themselves to a wide variety of applications. The surface-active substances can be found in a range of different products from toothpaste to concrete or food. The Polish company PCC Exol SA ranks among the biggest manufacturers of surfactants in Central and Eastern Europe. The specialists of PCC Exol SA are well reputed, too, as a driving force in developing new formulations and opening up new applications.


A successful transformation

The Polish company SATORIA Group is the result of a privatization process – of employee or stock ownership privatization, to be exact. While it used to be a state-owned company in 1980s and 1990s, the employees had the opportunity to buy the company from the state in 1996. In the past 18 years, SATORIA was able to successfully transform its business from a local Warsaw operation to Poland-wide operations. Today, the company is a national player in the hotel business.


Care with a difference

The Polish healthcare system is characterized by a growing private healthcare market, due to government reforms and a decreasing share of public expenditure in total spending on health care in Poland. This is creating choice for patients and opportunities for private healthcare providers. A pioneer and leader in this fast evolving market is Medicover Sp. z o.o. The privately owned company is a care organization that really wants to make a difference for its customers.