Trade & Consumer Goods

Maxi Bazar SA

Open sesame!
Aladdin’s cave had nothing on Maxi Bazar if your idea of treasure is branded toiletries and household articles at significantly lower prices than usual and a wide range of decorative items for the home. The successful chain of town-center stores has a strong presence in the French and Swiss markets in a hugely competitive sector. Its success is based on a continuously changing range of competitively priced, attractive products sold in easily accessible city center locations. With more than 20,000 individual product lines available in the larger stores, they are the kind of shop where customers like to stop by regularly and browse.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Atlantic-Watch Production Ltd.

Time to stand out
It is no secret that when it comes to the most refined watches, Switzerland is known as the epicenter of horology. The world’s most coveted watch brands are from Switzerland and having the name ‘Swiss’ on a watch is an automatic generator of prestige and craftsmanship. For 128 years Atlantic-Watch Production Ltd. has represented the art of making Swiss watches.

Materials & Materials Processing

Alu Menziken Extrusion AG

More than profiles
There are more than 500 companies in Europe specialized in extrusion technology. In order to succeed in this very competitive environment, individual suppliers have to build sustainable advantage and distinguish themselves from the rest. A perfect example for such a differentiation strategy is provided by Alu Menziken Extrusion AG. The Swiss high-tech company serves customers demanding more than just aluminium profiles – customers requiring solutions along the entire value chain, from engineering to recycling.

Health & Medical Industry

Felix Platter-Hospital

For the mature mind and body
As the population of Europe ages, the need for services for the elderly grows. In particular, older people require more medical care for both mind and body. Felix Platter-Hospital in Basel specializes in precisely this care for Europe’s senior citizens. Hosting the chair of geriatrics of Basel University, the University Center for Medicine of Aging and Rehabilitation is increasingly taking an academic interdisciplinary and therefore holistic approach to health care for the elderly and provides treatment for physical ailments while helping its patients handle dementia-related maladies with a range of other medical services offered nowhere else in Europe.

Finance & Real Estate

Groupe Bernard Nicod SA

Stylish living in Switzerland
The business of real estate is diverse, complex and full of pitfalls for the uninitiated. When circumstances make it necessary to venture into the market, either as a private individual or an institution, whether buying or leasing a property, the performance of the property agent can make or break the experience. First-hand, local knowledge together with extensive experience in the property market is crucial, as is a focus on providing a professional service to customers. In French-speaking Switzerland, the real estate company of choice is Groupe Bernard Nicod.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

Aventron (Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG)

Fuelling a clean future
Renewable energy has experienced dynamic growth over the past decade, and analysts see a bright future for clean energy. For more than ten years now, the Swiss company Aventron, formerly Kleinkraftwerk Birseck AG, KKB for short, has been fuelling a green future with investments in a mix of renewable power plants across Europe. Focusing on small plants, the Swiss company is well on its way to enhancing its impact as an important independent player in the European energy transition by further expanding its portfolio.

Information & Communication Technology

mimacom ag

Individual open source solutions for your business
The slogan of the digital transformation is omnipresent. Yet, what does this slogan mean? Benedikt Amacker, CEO of mimacom ag describes the phenomenon as the automation and digital archiving of processes along the complete value added chain. Under his management, mimacom ag, based in Bern, Switzerland, contributes to the digital transformation by developing agile software solutions on the basis of integrated open source systems. With the platform edoras one, mimacom is one step ahead of its competitors.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

SOCAR Trading SA

Excellence in oil trading
The opening of the new oil pipeline from Baku to Ceyhan at the Mediterranean Sea in 2005 opened up new opportunities for marketing crude oil from Azerbaijan. When SOCAR Trading, a trading arm of SOCAR, short for the State Oil and Gas Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, started operation in 2008 with the clear mission to market crude oil, a success story unfolded that is still going from strength to strength today. SOCAR Trading SA has become one of the leading trading houses for light crude oil and has recently stepped in gas and power projects.

Interior & Garden

KWC Franke Water Systems AG

Excellence in form and function
KWC is a traditional Swiss enterprise with more than 140 years of know-how and experience to its name. Specialized in water faucets, the Swiss experts have made a name for themselves as an innovative force in water supply ideally combining advanced functionality and cutting-edge design. Today, KWC is well known for intelligent solutions for the sustainable use of water, and the Swiss experts are well on their way to further increasing their impact on international markets.


Télé Anzère SA

An Alpine paradise
The Valais region of Switzerland is blessed by unparalleled natural beauty. Rugged Alps tower over crystal clear lakes while picture postcard-pretty villages nestle in the valleys. The area is home to several of Switzerland’s most popular ski resorts and attracts ramblers and hikers in the summer months. With 70 km of ski pistes and a panoramic view of the Alps, the Anzère mountain resort offers escape from everyday stresses. Operated by Télé Anzère SA, it transports over 160,000 people up the mountain each year.

European Business


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