Setting the course: The future on rails

Interview with Roland Müller, CEO, and Marian Thomas, CFO of BUG Verkehrsbau SE

BUG Verkehrsbau construction site
With committed professionals on the construction site and the most modern technical equipment, BUG Verkehrsbau SE realizes top performance as a full-service provider, here at the Grünau, Berlin construction site (tamping machine)

At a time when the course is being set for a sustainable transport revolution, BUG Verkehrsbau SE acts as a central player in the rail network of progress. Since its foundation in May 1990, the Berlin-based company has evolved from modest beginnings to a full-service provider for constructional excellence. CEO Roland Müller and CFO Marian Thomas face the challenge of creating safe foundations for modern rail infrastructure.

With a clear focus on the transformation of rail traffic and the goal of creating solid foundations for contemporary rail transport, BUG Verkehrsbau SE has become a comprehensive provider of outstanding construction services. With dedicated specialists and state-of-the-art technical equipment, the company implements projects in various business areas, including track construction, civil engineering, structural engineering, special civil engineering, communications and electrical engineering, logistics, major projects, equipment rental, conductor rail, overhead line, high voltage, security and surveying, traffic control technology, and railway history.

Roland Müller, Chairman of the Board of BUG Verkehrsbau SE
Roland Müller, Chairman of the Board
Marian Thomas, Commercial Director of BUG Verkehrsbau SE
Marian Thomas, Commercial Director

Enormous Upward Development

The roots of BUG Verkehrsbau SE go back to the special times after the German reunification. "My father Martin Thomas founded the company in 1990 with just seven employees," Marian Thomas reports. "Through internal and external growth, we were able to achieve enormous upward development." Today, BUG Verkehrsbau SE employs over 800 people and is run by the 2nd generation after the company founder moved to the supervisory board. The company includes various branches within Germany. Its own training academy demonstrates the company's commitment to promoting skilled workers and young talent.

Significant Player in the Industry

With an impressive turnover of 145 million EUR and 800 employees, BUG Verkehrsbau SE is a significant player in the industry. The company's range of services includes everything related to rail, from new construction and renovation to the removal of accident damage. This includes various trades such as track construction, traffic construction, bridge construction, specialized trades, equipment, electrical, cables, signals, and LST technology.

BUG Traffic Construction Site
BUG Verkehrsbau SE rethinks the rail transport route and creates the basis for modern rail traffic, here in the realization of a pedestrian underpass for the construction project Bobstadt

Positive Corporate Culture

"What is crucial for our success are our dedicated and intelligent employees," is certain the Commercial Executive. "They are the most valuable asset of our company." The philosophy of BUG Verkehrsbau SE emphasizes the positive corporate culture, the character of the family business, and flat hierarchies. These are aspects that are also well received by customers.

Market and Politics

The executives, Roland Müller and Marian Thomas, see the market influenced by political decisions. Roland Müller emphasizes that the coronavirus pandemic was not a hindrance for BUG Verkehrsbau SE. "Deutsche Bahn has remained a solid client. Political events and internal changes influence the awarding of contracts. Often concepts proposed by employees also lead to contracts. The transport associations signal the desire for a traffic transition, but there is often a lack of concrete actions from politics. Price increases and the influences of capital markets are further challenges."

BUG Transportation Construction Trainees
Young trainees starting their apprenticeship at BUG Verkehrsbau SE have realized: The railway has a future!

With 'More Steam' into the Future

BUG Verkehrsbau SE focuses on sustainability as part of the Vision 2030. The company uses diesel locomotives but is investing in hybrid solutions and working on carbon-neutral solutions such as electric cars and service bicycles. The board wishes for ʻmore steam’ in the transportation transition and recognition of the importance of the railway. The training policy should set impulses to make the sector more attractive to apprentices.

Appeal to Politics

As in many sectors and companies, the bureaucracy in Germany is seen more as a brake. "We have the impression that too much manpower is tied up here," says Marian Thomas. "The committees need more expertise and specialized knowledge." He appeals to politicians to raise awareness and promote the skilled trades. "Germany should take a leading role again, invest actively in the transportation transition, and implement long-term visions. Only in this way can the railway be optimally used as an environmentally friendly alternative to air travel." Overall, BUG Verkehrsbau SE presents itself as a company that thinks ahead not only in terms of construction technology but also in terms of sustainability and employee promotion. With clear visions and a committed team, it stands ready to actively shape the future of rail infrastructure.