The Standard Sets It: You Can Rely on the Quality

Interview with Dieter Fröhlich, Managing Director of CSA Group Bayern GmbH

CSA Group EMC Laboratory
The EMC Laboratory is one of the facilities where the CSA Group conducts tests according to applicable standards

Standards create the foundation for reliable quality – hardly any company understands this better than CSA Group Bayern GmbH in Plattling, part of the Canadian CSA Group as a leading provider of testing and certification services for safety standards. In conversation with Managing Director Dieter Fröhlich, it becomes clear how the Bavarian company masters the challenges of today's times and sets benchmarks in the testing and certification of products.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Fröhlich, reliable quality has been close to your heart for more than 30 years. Can you talk about your experience in the area of quality assurance and safety standards?

Dieter Fröhlich: My career in the industry spans more than three decades. In 2001, I founded my own company, which was later acquired by the CSA Group. Since then, I have been managing director of the Bavarian branch. From originally 100 employees, our team has grown to 270 professionals. Over the years, the CSA Group Bavaria GmbH has evolved into the European headquarters of the CSA Group.

Wirtschaftsforum: That is a considerable development. What about the CSA Group and its global activities?

Dieter Fröhlich, Managing Director of CSA Group Bayern GmbH
Dieter Fröhlich, Managing Director of CSA Group Bayern GmbH

Dieter Fröhlich: The CSA Group has an interesting origin story: It was founded in 1919 in response to the collapse of a railway bridge. The Canadian government was looking for an independent company that could conduct statistical investigations and develop standards. Since its inception, the CSA Group has enabled the development of over 3,000 standards and offers comprehensive testing and certification services. We are proud to contribute to the safety and quality of products in North America and Europe.

Wirtschaftsforum: What exactly does this contribution consist of?

Dieter Fröhlich: Our main activity focuses on product testing and certifications, with the revenues generated from these business areas being reinvested into research and development of standards. Our range of services extends across Europe and beyond. We are part of a global network, issuing CE marking for the European market and the CSA mark for North America. With locations in 13 countries, we work closely with various industries and offer our customers world-class services.

CSA Group Headquarters in Plattling
Over the years, CSA Group Bayern GmbH has evolved into the European headquarters of the Canadian CSA Group with global activities from its location in Plattling.

Wirtschaftsforum: That sounds like a wide array of activities. Are there any preferred customer groups or industry focuses?

Dieter Fröhlich: Our clients come from a variety of industries, ranging from small family businesses to international corporations. We have a strong focus on the automotive and medical technology industries, but we are also active in other sectors such as electronics and energy. Our highly skilled employees are capable of offering customized solutions to our clients and supporting them in compliance with standards and regulations. We conduct inspections according to the applicable standards and issue corresponding reports.

Wirtschaftsforum: You mentioned the qualifications of your employees. Can you say something about your corporate culture in this context?

Dieter Fröhlich: The safety of our employees is our top priority. We invest heavily in training and safety measures to ensure that every employee works in a safe environment. In addition, we place great emphasis on integration and diversity. With employees from 24 different nations and speaking 20 languages, we actively promote cultural exchange and create an inclusive work environment characterized by mutual respect and understanding.

Wirtschaftsforum: What plans and expectations do you have for the future?

Dieter Fröhlich: We are investing in state-of-the-art technologies and processes to provide our customers with even more efficient services. The automation and digitalization of our testing processes allow us to work faster and more precisely. In addition, we are strengthening our competencies in the area of cybersecurity to cope with increasing digital challenges. We are well-positioned and optimistic about our future prospects.