Safety and Quality: FD Pharma relies on Europe

Interview with Christian Sarnoch, Managing Director of FD Pharma GmbH

FD Pharma Headquarters

Global trouble spots, a multi-year pandemic, and in the midst of it the German pharmaceutical market, whose Achilles' heel has now become the dependency on distant producers. No wonder this is increasingly calling on innovative and flexible players who have set themselves the primary goal of securing the vital supply of medicines in Germany through Europe. FD Pharma from the southwest of Germany is at the forefront of this.

Christian Sarnoch has been responsible as the managing director at FD Pharma for two years and, as a long-standing salesperson in the pharmaceutical industry, is a real industry insider. His mission for the company, which has been holding its ground in the market since 2012, might be exactly what is needed in difficult times of crises and competitive distortions: to maintain the affordability of healthcare with the work of FD Pharma and at the same time make an important contribution to the provision of medication in Germany. A topic that has been widely discussed in public recently can best illustrate this.

As a medium-sized company, counteracting the shortage

Christian Sarnoch, Managing Director FD Pharma GmbH
Christian Sarnoch, Managing Director FD Pharma GmbH

"Perhaps you remember the difficulties last year in getting fever-reducing medicine for children. As a medium-sized company, we were able to ensure that an additional 40,000 units of children's fever syrup went on the market." For FD Pharma, this must not have been easy, as the market shows a predominant tendency: a price decline in prescription drugs. So, how is such a feat accomplished? The answer is just as complex as the challenge, but apparently precisely the right mix: With industry experience and proactive planning regarding shortages and bottlenecks.

FD Pharma - Pharmaceuticals made in Europe
Pharmaceuticals made in Europe Labelling at the Kehl site
FD Pharma Quality Management
Strict quality management for medication safety

With quick decisions in a highly motivated team, allowing very short-term adjustments. And with the irrevocable decision to rely solely on manufacturers from the EU and to continuously adapt the range. "Availability of drugs is very important. When you, as an importer, order ten packs of a medication from your supplier, you receive three to four today," explains Christian Sarnoch. "We have managed to work economically in this system – by the way, even despite all the regulations. Because even if we do not produce medications at our site in Kehl but only handle repackaging, leaflets, and labels – the legal regulations are just as strict for us."

A young team as the backbone

Beyond market events and product portfolio, it is then also the human factor that has set FD Pharma on the track to success. "I see us as the young mavericks in the market. The success of our 50-member team is recognized by the industry. We work together at FD Pharma on an equal footing, and everyone in the company has pulled together to return to profit after a dry spell." It will be interesting to see what Christian Sarnoch will achieve with this team.