Health, Medicine & Pharma

Florian Tyrs, Vice President Global Operations & General Manager of JOTEC GmbH

Swabian Precision Saves Lives Worldwide

The aorta, also referred to as the main artery, is the largest vessel within the human body and therefore extremely important. Diseases of this vessel must be treated...

Interview with Florian Tyrs, Vice President Global Operations & General Manager of JOTEC GmbH

Dr. Niedermaier Pharma Rechtsregulat® Bio

"Well-being for the whole family!"

Dietary supplements have been a booming market for years. Quality, composition, and, as with all dietary supplements, good bioavailability of the ingredients are...

Interview with Stefan Schwarz, CEO of Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH

Astrid Twardy Zinc + Selenium Capsules

Vitality that comes from within

While health consciousness was particularly pronounced during the coronavirus pandemic, currently many people are foregoing the purchase of health-promoting products...

Interview with Jana Keym, Managing Director of Astrid Twardy GmbH

BIT Analytical Instruments Headquarters in Schwalbach

Custom Suits for Analysis

To diagnose and treat blood diseases, highly specialized devices are required. As a developer and manufacturer of custom in-vitro diagnostic systems, BIT Analytical...

Interview with Thomas Eck and Jan Wilke, Managing Directors of BIT Analytical Instruments GmbH

Bristol Myers Squibb Company Headquarters

Personal destinies are our drive

The slogan 'Making the world a better place' sounds like a well-known platitude, but for the biopharma giant Bristol Myers Squibb, it is much more than that: the...

Interview with Michael Lugez, General Manager of CH and A at Bristol Myers Squibb SA

Dr. Jörg Zimmer, Managing Director of Cesra Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG

Phytopharmaceuticals of the highest quality

The health-promoting effect of plants has a long tradition. Pioneers of phytotherapy were Paracelsus, Hippocrates, Hildegard von Bingen, or Sebastian Kneipp. Decades...

Interview with Dr. Jörg Zimmer, Managing Director of Cesra Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Christian Woergetter, MES, Managing Director of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Shared Value: Common Values for Your Health

The development and manufacturing of medications in Europe pose a challenge in a global comparison. More and more companies are relocating their production to non-European...

Interview with Dr. Christian Woergetter, MES, Managing Director of Chiesi Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Andreas Bogusch, Managing Director of Medgate Germany GmbH

"The patient-centric care of the future is digital"

The Medgate Group has been committed for over 20 years as a pioneering service provider in telemedicine. The entire industry is currently at a crossroads, says Germany's...

Interview with Andreas Bogusch, Director of Medgate Germany GmbH

ibidi Perfusion System

Cells in Focus

Live cell microscopy is often used in medical diagnostics and research, as it helps in the early detection of diseases and observation of treatment reactions. The...

Interview with Dr. Roman Zantl, Managing Director of ibidi GmbH

Cellex Cell Laboratory

Cell donations save lives

Cancer is rightly considered a scourge of our modern times, and still, no single cure has been found to eradicate cancer once and for all. Yet, there are successes...

Interview with Carla Kreissig, Managing Director of Cellex Cell Professionals GmbH

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