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Interview with BM Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Haider, Managing Partner of Gebrüder Haider Construction Company GmbH

Haider Brothers Construction Site
Civil engineering is the company's core business

Not many construction companies are capable of covering both high-rise and civil engineering projects. The Haider Brothers Construction Company from Austria combines experts and specialists from various fields in their group, allowing the company, which has several decades of market experience, to realize projects such as highways as well as power plants or industrial buildings. It insists on uncompromising quality and solid project management.

Economic Forum: Mr. Haider, what is the core business of Gebrüder Haider construction company?

Jürgen Haider: Our company has been around since the 1950s. Our roots are in civil engineering. Over the years, we have additionally developed in building construction. Now, inside our group, we also cover the industrial and energy sectors and have our own forestry operation. Our core business is the entire field of civil engineering, especially road construction. Here, we cover everything except tunnel construction and specialized civil engineering. But we also take on demolition and blasting work, up to the construction of hydroelectric power plants. In building construction, we act as general contractors.

Economic Forum: Please give us some examples of projects.

BM Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Haider, Managing Partner of Gebrüder Haider Bauunternehmung GmbH
BM Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Haider, Managing Partner of Gebrüder Haider Bauunternehmung GmbH

Jürgen Haider: In civil engineering, for example, we take on highway constructions as well as all earthmoving measures for the ÖBB, up to the substructure and flood protection. In structural engineering, it is mostly about power plant construction, concrete and engineering structures, sewage treatment plants, or bridge construction.

Gebrüder Haider Construction Site
The Gebrüder Haider construction company operates nationwide in Austria
Haider Brothers Construction Site
The company has the expertise to take on complicated orders as well

Economic Forum: What does the transformation to a sustainable economy mean for your company?

Jürgen Haider: The issue of sustainability has been of concern to the construction industry for a long time, even before it became a central topic in politics. For us, it specifically means recycling, i.e., the reuse of materials, for example, after a demolition. A cycle not only conserves the environment but also makes us more economical at the same time. We try to keep our equipment always up to date, work with modern engine types and technologies that emit less CO2. The issue is gaining importance, even among our customers, but it's not always easy to implement.

Economic Forum: You mentioned that you are also active in the energy sector?

Jürgen Haider: We have been operating our own hydroelectric power plants for 20 years. We develop projects ourselves, implement them, and then sell the electricity to energy suppliers. In total, we already have 26 power plants in Austria and Romania. We are always looking for new projects.

Gebrüder Haider Construction Site
The Gebrüder Haider construction company is a sought-after partner of the public sector
Haider Brothers Construction Site
The Haider Brothers Construction Company enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and reliability

Economic Forum: Speaking of trends: How digital is your business today?

Jürgen Haider: A lot is happening on construction sites through device control. An example here is excavator controls. We have also been working with 3-D models for a long time. Drones are becoming increasingly important for terrain surveys or volume calculations. However, a central theme for us is above all Lean Construction Management.

Economic Forum: Which target groups do you address?

Jürgen Haider: We work for the public sector, for federal states and municipalities, as well as for ÖBB or ASFINAG. We operate all over Austria as well as in southern Bavaria and in the border regions.

Economic Forum: What do you expect from the market next year?

Jürgen Haider: The year 2024 will be challenging and we want to manage it stably. We are already noticing that the number of tenders is decreasing. We will closely monitor the market over the winter and see how capacity utilization develops.

Haider Brothers Construction Site
The company is experienced in highway and road construction...
Haider Brothers Construction Site
...and uses the most modern machinery and vehicles

Economic Forum: How do you want to position the company in the long term?

Jürgen Haider: We are a family business, now in its second generation of management, with the third generation just starting, allowing for a smooth transition. We are well-prepared for the future and continue to adhere to our philosophy of solid, ongoing development. We have a great team, including experienced staff who have been with us for many years, as well as many motivated and talented young people. Employee issues will be a challenge in the coming period. Several of our employees will be retiring, and we will need to replace them accordingly. It is difficult to find people for civil engineering. However, we have always trained many apprentices. This ensures we maintain know-how within the company. Naturally, we will also intensely engage with the megatrends of our society. Currently, digitalization and sustainability are central aspects that we must consider in our future strategy.