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Interview with Uwe Streit, Managing Director of INDAMED EDV Development and Sales GmbH

Uwe Streit, Managing Director of INDAMED EDV Development and Sales GmbH

Technological requirements and legal provisions shape the medical IT sector. Uwe Streit, one of the two managing directors of INDAMED EDV Development and Sales GmbH headquartered in Schwerin, emphasizes the company's importance as an innovator in healthcare. With over two decades of experience, INDAMED develops innovative solutions, especially the versatile doctor's software MEDICAL OFFICE to support doctors and medical facilities in practice management.

Economic Forum: Mr. Streit, what current challenges do you face as the managing director of INDAMED?

Uwe Streit: Currently, we are facing technical challenges that are driven by both legislative requirements and the rapid development of web technologies and artificial intelligence. These aspects are currently occupying virtually every IT company. At INDAMED, we have focused on customer-oriented work for over two decades. On this basis, we are now working on developing new services, expanding possibilities, and optimizing existing processes.

Economic Forum: That sounds like an exciting journey. INDAMED was founded with the vision of easing the administrative work for doctors and shifting the focus to patient care. Can you tell us how the company has evolved?

Uwe Streit: It all started with the goal of reducing administrative work for doctors, to gain more time for patient treatment. Over the years, we have built up an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for the medical profession. At a time when many doctors are retiring and practice centers are emerging, our solutions are more in demand than ever. We are particularly proud of a site networking that works perfectly even with slow internet connections – a solution that is unique in our industry.

INDAMED Trade Fair Booth
At trade fairs such as the Stuttgart Medical Fair, INDAMED presents its versatile software, which excellently supports doctors in practice management, with various modules for individual expansion
INDAMED Doctor App Patient Card
Simplest Operation: Doctor App Patient Card

Economic Forum: You were one of the co-founders of INDAMED in 1994. What has changed since then?

Uwe Streit: We started with two developers back then. Today, the standards are completely different. Managing the company requires comprehensive planning and organization, as we now have 45 employees at three locations and serve 3,000 to 4,000 customers. To stay close to our customers, we rely on a partner network for on-site service. Younger doctors are generally more proficient in handling information technology, so we have set up an online forum to promote technical exchange.

Economic Forum: Could you please give us an insight into the range of services offered by INDAMED?

Uwe Streit: INDAMED offers versatile physician software named MEDICAL OFFICE that extensively supports doctors and medical facilities in practice management. Our software is extremely flexible and can be customized for various doctor's offices, group practices, Medical Care Centers, therapeutic practices, and hospital outpatient departments. Our strengths also lie in electronic communication, especially in the transition to the mandatory telematics infrastructure (TI) for doctors.

Economic Forum: That sounds like a broad spectrum of solutions. What are your visions for the future? What new developments and challenges do you expect?

Uwe Streit: Our vision for the future is to remain true to our line and continue to grow healthily. We want to face new technical challenges and continuously perfect our product. We are not running out of ideas. In terms of challenges, I wish for a clear message from politics: reduction of bureaucracy and decisions that not only relieve health insurance funds but also involve the medical profession.

INDAMED index card for a sample patient
Index card for a sample patient

Economic Forum: Your company culture and your approaches to employee motivation are impressive. How do you keep your team motivated and engaged during times of talent shortage?

Uwe Streit: We place great value on a familial work atmosphere and offer our employees attractive incentives such as company cars, fitness training at the workplace, pension provisions, and developer meetings in interesting locations. Our annual developer meetings abroad have been extremely popular and effective for over a decade. A strong team spirit is key.

Economic Forum: Finally, what message would you like to send to healthcare policy and the clients of INDAMED?

Uwe Streit: To healthcare policy, I would like to appeal for a stronger consideration of the needs of professionals and practices in decisions. For our clients, the medical practitioners, I emphasize that we develop products for them and not just pursue profit margins. Our customer satisfaction and recommendations are our motivation. We will continue to boldly pursue new paths to make MEDICAL OFFICE a leading practice management system.