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Interview with Renate Häßler, Country Manager MICHELIN Connected Fleet

Renate Häßler, Country Manager MICHELIN Connected Fleet
Renate Häßler, Country Manager MICHELIN Connected Fleet

The already omnipresent topic of data management takes on even greater urgency with the new possibilities of AI. But how can actual benefit be generated from the vast amount of data collected? This question drives almost every logistics company – and with MICHELIN Connected Fleet, the Michelin Group wants to provide a targeted answer. In an interview with Wirtschaftsforum, Country Manager Renate Häßler talked about this promising approach.

"First, we often ask our customers what keeps them up at night," begins Country Manager Renate Häßler, explaining the approach behind MICHELIN Connected Fleet, a company of the French Michelin Group, which has grown far beyond its original tire expertise. "Based on the specific pain points of our customers, we then define the objective of a comprehensive data analysis, from which we develop effectively implementable action recommendations in joint exchange, the implementation of which we then monitor, in order to be able to make adjustments if necessary."

Many of the core issues in the logistics industry are similar across different customers: "The general shortage of drivers and the increased fuel prices as well as issues concerning tolls are usually at the top of the priority list," explains Renate Häßler. Although MICHELIN Connected Fleet cannot reduce diesel prices or magically produce skilled workers, it can promote fuel-saving driving behavior with data-supported systems and simplify many work steps, for example, with a seamless departure control via an app.

Not every logistics company needs its own data experts

The necessary data is already abundantly available thanks to existing systems. However, most logistics service providers lack the internal expertise needed to derive valuable insights and options for action from it. As a result, valuable information often remains unused – a mistake, according to Renate Häßler: "Of course, not every transport company can or wants to employ its own data mining specialists. But that's not necessary. Rather, we see our role in combining this industry-specific data expertise within our company and communicating it in an advisory role, geared towards practical application."

Forward-looking tire management thanks to AI

This is an area of expertise that will face even greater demand with the triumph of AI and electromobility. "In this context, one should not let the abstract, sometimes overwhelming questions obscure the view of the concrete benefits," warns Renate Häßler: Michelin has already launched a solution for predictive tire management in several countries, which will also start in Germany next year. Based on the collected driving data, this system determines the best time for a tire change, in order to optimize driving safety and cost structure at the same time. "Without AI, this solution would not be conceivable – and many more are certainly yet to come."

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