"We are very grounded in our region!"

Interview with Marco Lang, CEO of STEINEL Solutions AG

STEINEL Solutions sanitary application
Comfortable: Sanitary application with high-frequency technology

From a pure contract manufacturer to a provider of complete system solutions: This is the story of the Swiss company STEINEL Solutions AG. The company, belonging to the STEINEL Group and based in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, offers its customers - either individually or as a package - services related to product development, industrialization, and manufacturing and is a reliable and competent partner at every stage of collaboration.

"Whether wireless or wired - we master all standards of communication technology," promises Marco Lang, CEO of STEINEL Solutions AG. That's the theory, but the practical references of successful projects are impressive and convincing. For example, sophisticated sensors were integrated into a cosmetic product that evenly distributes lotions and liquid body care products on the skin. Or the STEINEL high-frequency sensor built into the real glass control panel of a toilet flushing tank, which automatically turns on the panel's lighting when approached and activates flushing with a touchless swipe gesture. Various parameters can be individually programmed via remote control. Another highlight is a mobile stove that can be controlled via WLAN.

Marco Lang, CEO of STEINEL Solutions AG
Marco Lang, CEO of STEINEL Solutions AG


The company located in Einsiedeln, which was purchased by the Steinel family in 1995 and integrated into the STEINEL Group, initially served purely as a production facility for sensors and hot air blowers needed within the group. "It was quickly realized that the capacities were not fully utilized," explains the CEO. "Therefore, we also took on orders for third-party customers as a manufacturing service provider. The range of services expanded to include electronics, mechanics, plastics, and assembling. Thus, naked electronics soon became semi-finished products or complete devices."

As a further step, product development was added for individual customers. "I was able to convince Mr. Steinel that it makes sense to integrate IP-protected STEINEL technologies into products of other customers as well. Because of this idea, we were able to use the sensors used for STEINEL products in other devices as well. This way, we made another step from contract manufacturing to OEM applications, after we had already extended our value chain through additional product development and could offer one-stop shopping."

Diverse Competencies

Today, the portfolio of STEINEL Solutions includes not only expertise in sensor technology but also communication: for configuring a device, for data logging, or for linking sensors and actuators. Low Power Management is another competency and reduces the need for battery changes to a minimum, up to cycles of ten years. Additionally, there is the approvals management, which relieves customers of all steps around approvals and certifications.

STEINEL Solutions Beauty Sprayer
Well dosable: Intelligent beauty sprayer

When it comes to industrialization, STEINEL Solutions builds prototypes with electronics, mechanics, and plastics and offers testing and operation tool designs, IP protection, climate tests, and EMC preliminary inspections. The production is designed for electronics and plastics, includes assembly and testing, quality management, and also procurement. "What is special about STEINEL Solutions is that in addition to our staff in Einsiedeln, we can access group-wide resources at any time. Because STEINEL Solutions is supported by manufacturing and development capacities in Germany, Romania, Moldova, and the Czech Republic," explains Marco Lang.

Direct Customer Approach

"The customer needs a partner who understands the technology," says the CEO. And these customers manufacture washing and coffee machines, as well as mills, are in the building and industrial technology, gas sensor technology, and the control of hydroelectric power stations. Medical technology, defense, and aviation, on the other hand, are not the focus. Most of the company's customers, with a turnover of 75 million EUR, come from Germany and Switzerland. The approach to potential new customers is usually direct or they are made aware of STEINEL Solutions through recommendations.

"We stand out for good marketing communication in the technical field," assures Marco Lang. "We are also visible on LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as visitors to trade fairs." In digitalization, the intelligent design of material flows is an important task for the CEO. In addition, he sees alignment with the UN's sustainability goals as another field of activity. "Moreover, we get expertise from universities, for example in whether plastics could also be replaced by wood or how products can be developed to be cybersecure." The culture within STEINEL Solutions is characterized by openness, transparency, flat hierarchies, diverse cultures, and a first-name basis mentality. Marco Lang: "We are very grounded in our region. I think it's good when we achieve our goals in our daily activities and I want to make work and successes tangible and meaningful for our employees."