MEDICA 2017 - World Forum for Medicine

Now that the world's leading trade fair for the medical industry has closed its doors, we here at European Business would like to look back on the highs and lows of the exhibition. Therefore we asked the participating exhibitors for their opinions and on this page they have their say. Enjoy reading!

George Dryburgh
Commercial Manager
Clear Surgical Ltd

"We had a busy 4 days with lots of interest in our products from a variety of geographic regions. Whist the majority of potential new business will come from distributors, as expected from Medica, we are pleased that several surgeons have specifically asked to try our new innovate surgical instruments together with a couple of organisations that wish to partner with us to build momentum as an OEM product supplier. Although Thursday is always less busy an hours discussion with a possible manufacturer from abroad wishing to become a partner with whom we can develop our product offering turned a quiet day into one of our biggest future potential revenue streams, so made everything worth while. We relished being part of the Scotland stand Hall 16F04-1 rather than having a small booth on our own, and would definitely wish to join them again next year. More comfortable shoes and less formal non- suit approach for next year would be the only changes we can think of. Thank you to everyone."

Simone Ponti

"Medica 2017 it has been great has usually, after many years for us and for our distributors become a meeting point, but for new client has well. What could been better? Transport, big disorganization, thousands of person waiting pressed up for Uban not arriving (20 minutes waiting at six o’clock) ridiculous. In 2018 will have another of our company exposing with us "

José Viana
Commercial Director
Nunex Worldwide

"It was a pleasure to be present at MEDICA 2017. It would be an opportunity to repeat, and to contact potential customers and opportunities all over the world. It is and exhibition with a lot of players and with a selection of decision makers, that foresee important contacts for the exhibitors and customers. The visibility for the companies that exhibit are boosted by the presence in MEDICA."

Shurab Ayman
Sales manager
Curapro GmbH

"Dear Sir and Madam, Frist: Meeting with different people, from all over the world was very helpful, finding partners abroad and oversees of course. Second: Shuttle buses were disaster, we had to wait once for more than half an hour , connections between the halls was not as expected. Third: for me not much."

Eswar VG
Sr.Vice President- Sales & Training
Aijex Pharma International Inc.

"The Medica this year was a great experience to us at Aijex Pharma International Inc., Japan in terms of visitors, their response and product exposure. It was also a pride for having our product Injex50 featured by Medica TV as an innovative technology on the very first day! This has been really helpful in positioning our technology in a better way. The booth size seemed a bit cramped so we will go for a bigger one next year. "

Keutterling Wolf-Dieter
WeWoThom GmbH

"It was a very interesting time on the Medica. We had so much interest from many countries on our little mobile device against pain and the cause of the pain. I think we have new distributers now. So we can help a lot of people all over the world."

Deven Bussa
Managing Director
Applied Optical Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

"We are a regular Exhibitor through Indian Pavilion i.e. ITPO. We usually Exhibits in Hall No. 16 In Medica we could display many of our products and also we got exposures to larger market. Our Product is an Unique Technology Where there are very few place for exposures in the World. We would like to Exhibit directly in Medica Hall No. 9 to Hall No. 12 for better visibility to generate leads. As the Exhibition in Medica is so big and the visibility of hall no. 16 is less compare to Hall no. 9 to hall No. 12. Compare to the last year Medica, We have received many Positive responses from various countries of visitors visit to our booth and also we are started getting enquiries of our products from the Exhibitors/ Visitors through Medica. Every Year we plan to exhibit directly through Medica but we wont get entry directly. Please let us know the Criteria to Qualify for the direct entry through Medica. "

Joel Melnick
General Manager

"We had many visitors to our booth. It's our best show of the year. 3 days would be fine. 4 days is too much. Please shorten this show. "


" For us, Medica is the event of the year that allows us to present our products to our customers and to contact a maximum of potential distributors to sell our products around the world. Our new rangee of rapid tests for the detection of antimicrobial resistance has interested more than 350 distributors and has been a great success."



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