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How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

Expert Knowledge Rashelle Isip

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Why should you organize your clothes closet? The answer is simple: efficiency and practicality. A streamlined work wardrobe makes it easy to assemble outfits on a Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. or pack for a last-minute business trip Sunday evening. What’s more, a well-organized closet allows for a quick evaluation of your wardrobe: one glance will let you know which items need to be laundered, pressed, repaired, or replaced.

Here are four tips to help you organize your work clothes closet:

Identify your favorite pieces 

Begin the closet organization process by identifying your favorite or most flattering work pieces. You regularly wear and use these items, so it only makes sense to set these items aside so you can focus on what’s left. Temporarily remove these pieces from your closet and place them in a safe and out-of-the way area, such as on a freshly made bed or another clean flat surface.

Declutter unwanted items 

The next step is to declutter items from your closet, one by one. There’s no sense in organizing items you no longer wish to keep. You’ll need two large trash bags for this exercise: one bag will be for donations, the other for recycling and/or trash. Pick up an item from your closet and ask yourself the following questions: “Do I enjoy wearing this item?”, “Is it flattering?”, “Have I recently worn this item?”, “Is it damaged, worn, or otherwise unwearable?” If you answer “no” to one or more questions, you should consider removing the item from your closet and place it in the appropriate trash bag.

Choose your favorite organization method

Getting dressed for work can be a breeze when you use a closet organization method that compliments your personal preferences. How do you prefer to organize items within your closet? Would you find it helpful to store work clothes in a single area of your closet? Does the thought of a color-coordinated closet fill your heart with joy? Maybe you prefer storing slacks with slacks, and shirts with shirts? Perhaps you enjoy assembling outfits in advance? Take a few minutes to consider which type of organization method would best fit your taste and needs. Once you’ve identified an organization method, you can take steps to create this framework within your closet.

Choose appropriate storage solutions

Lastly, you’ll want to choose appropriate storage solutions to keep your professional clothing and accessories clean, neat, and contained. Check your home for previously purchased storage solutions before heading to the store. Invest in solid and sturdy hangers for suits, jackets, slacks, and outerwear. Shoe storage trees or containers are a useful way to keep shoes and boots organized. Belt and scarf hangers make it easy to store multiple items without taking up too much space and hanging jewelry and hosiery solutions can help keep items at your fingertips.

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