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Three reasons why it’s costing you sales if your business isn’t blogging

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Let’s not beat around the bush. If your business isn’t blogging then it should be. Why? Well, there’s a number of reasons. But the short answer is you’re missing out on leads and sales if you’re not business blogging.

Research has shown B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not, while companies with active blogs generate 55% more site visits. Obviously it’s not as simple as typing out a few words, uploading them to your website and watching the money roll in. So what is it about blogging that gives your business a boost?

Blogging helps your business get noticed by search engines

I know what you’re thinking – search engines don’t buy your products and services, people do. But 71% of consumers considering a new purchase (whether that is for a product or a service) begin their research with an internet search.

So you want to make sure that your business appears in search engine queries that are related to your products, services and industry. Now, the days of keyword stuffing (filling your webpage with a word you want to rank for in a nonsensical manner) are over.

However, you still need to research and target keywords and phrases that your customers are likely to be searching for, to plan and write your articles. This is to ensure the structure of the article/web page (such as the URL, article title, subheadings and metadata) is optimised for search engines.

What you need to keep at the forefront of your mind is that you are writing for your customers (humans!) but you are structuring your page for search engines. The easier a search engine is able to find your page, then the more likely a potential customer is to find your page.

And on top of this, the more unique, relevant content you create the more search engines will like you. According to HubSpot companies with 51-100 pages on their website generate 48% more traffic than those with 50 or fewer pages.

Business blogging establishes you as a thought leader

Ensuring search engines and real humans find your website is one thing but having something important to say, once they get there, is another. But as an expert in your chosen field, you will have plenty to say!

By publishing a regular blog, you can demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and show your audience, and potential customers, that you have your finger on the industry pulse.

A distinct tone of voice can also help differentiate your organisation and leaders from your peers and competitors. If you work in an industry that is heavy on jargon and viewed as “stuffy”, a blog that makes technical subjects accessible can be a breath of fresh air.

By explaining complex subjects in an easy to understand manner makes your company a lot more approachable. The more content you create the more you will be seen as the go to authority in your sector.

Business blogging increases leads and sales

While being seen as a thought leader is all well and good, it doesn’t actually pay the bills. However, evidence shows that business blogging does have a direct impact on leads and sales.

According to HubSpot, businesses that blog experience 126% higher lead growth than non-blogging businesses. Search Engine Journal reports that customers who find you through a generic search, are more likely to use your business (14.6%) than those who found you as a result of a direct mail or print advertising campaign (1.7%).

And evidence is growing that the more active a CEO is on social media (which blogging is an integral part of) the more likely that is to have a positive impact on the business overall. Although Tesla investors may not agree with that statement!

So what have you got to lose? If your business doesn’t currently have a blog then get started now.

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