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Göteborg City Airport

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The little airport that could

Huge airports can be annoying: waiting in long lines, rushing through confusing, crowded halls in search of a gate, worrying about lost luggage and struggling to find help if something goes wrong. A smaller airport can make the trip more manageable. Göteborg City Airport in Säve, Sweden, is a good example of an efficient, small airport that wants to increase not only customer traffic, but customer satisfaction. In fact, new CEO Annika Nyberg says her mission is “to bring a new strategy and make the flying experience more pleasant, more aesthetic, more personalised.” Since she took office in December 2011, she has worked to make the airport’s 120 employees friendlier and more helpful, and has added colours, flowers and improved decor to the airport’s interior, including its restaurant and pub. “We need to be more unique; there are a lot of small airports in Sweden,” Ms. Nyberg says. “Just efficiency is not enough to distinguish us from other airports.”