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European Business Industries


People to people

Building for the future is a task that holds great responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. Developing business areas in major cities in Central and Eastern Europe that are rapidly climbing the wealth ladder asks for a clear vision of what the future may hold. Skanska’s CEE commercial development business, headquartered in Warsaw, is part of one of the world’s leading companies in project development and construction. The company’s activities are based on caring for the lives of people and the environment, sound ethics, cooperation and commitment to customers.


Investing in urban renewal

After a sustained period of low interest rates, the building sector is booming. Property values have continued to balloon as investors seek out this traditionally high-performing vehicle. In Belgium’s densely populated metropolitan areas, property development opportunities are focused on infill sites or urban regeneration projects. These are the areas of expertise of IMMOBEL NV. The property development company has been active in the Belgian real estate market for more than 150 years and has shaped its towns and cities more than any other company.


Building visions and values

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the world’s most economically powerful cities alone account for 75% of global GDP – and will generate 86% of worldwide GDP growth between 2015 and 2030. Given this, cities are the engine of economic performance – and they constantly change. Economic and business trends and advancing technology significantly shape them. Atenor S.A. from Belgium is an experienced real estate developer that aims to create liveable and sustainable cities within cities – smart cities that can improve the quality of urban life.


Truly European solutions for fleet operators

Most fleet operators have already been convinced. Now, the benefits of making regular payments with a fuel card package are beginning to pursuade all kinds of businesses that run their own fleets to make the switch. With its unrivalled range of value-added services, WEX Europe Services Limited, the owner of the ESSO CARD™ fuel card portfolio, is one of Europe’s largest providers of fuel cards, supplying small, medium and large businesses throughout Europe. The company headquartered in Crewe, England, offers a wide range of solutions designed to make drivers’ lives easier and support clients’ businesses at the same time.


Hiking real estate value in Italy

A decision to buy property is probably the biggest and almost certainly the costliest decision we are ever likely to make. Unlike the past, when price was the only important concern, today buyers consider many other factors before deciding on a purchase, a fact that Fernando Grattirola, Managing Director of Stelline Real Estate SpA in Italy, understands only too well.

Interview with Claudio Wilhelmer, Country Manager DACH at Revolut

Competition in fintech? Not a sight, not a sound

Crashing the traditional banks’ party and throwing down the gauntlet to the competition – the market entry of London’s fintech firm Revolut in September 2017 caused quite a stir in the financial sector and caught the media’s eye. Through its dynamic development, Revolut has achieved considerable growth over recent months. European Business seized the opportunity to interview Claudio Wilhelmer, Country Manager DACH. During the talk, he explained the advantages of Revolut over its competitors, the constant aspiration to be number one and why Revolut is an account for the global lifestyle.


Outstanding responsibility, outstanding motivation

Affordable and acceptable accommodation is one of the basic rights of every citizen. Wohnstätten Sindelfingen GmbH, Sindelfingen’s communal housing organization, feels committed to the realization of this right. As in many other German towns, there is a lack of accommodation in Sindelfingen, especially where rental apartments are concerned. With more than 4,000 homes owned by the long-established housing company alone, Wohnstätten Sindelfingen is able to improve the situation substantially and provide accommodation for many of the town’s residents.


Your partner for your building

Often costs of building projects go adrift – prices are too high and innovative solutions often turn out to be out of touch with reality. Then it is high time to call in an expert who has a strong grip on the entire building project and a close eye on all costs involved. Gleeds France, part of the global Gleeds group, has emerged as the leading independent property and cost management consultant. At its Paris headquarters, the company can fall back on an international team that knows the exact requirements of its customers in construction, property and related sectors.


Family bank at the side of its clients

Wealth management has been the business of Banque Cramer & Cie SA since the early 1700s. The Swiss private bank caters to a discerning private and professional clientele with its personalized portfolio management and advisory and wealth services. With a new CEO on board, Banque Cramer is looking to consolidate on recent expansion from several strategic acquisitions and place its focus increasingly on new customer acquisition and sales.


Focus on property investment

Denmark and in particular Copenhagen is attracting more and more attention from foreign property investors. High street retail and residential property in particular have attracted investor interest. Denmark qualifies as a ‘safe haven’ for property investments with a growing population, economic growth and a high degree of political stability. Coupled with low currency risk and favourable mortgage credit terms, property investment in Denmark is attractive for many reasons. Copenhagen ranks high on quality of life and benefits from traditional urbanization. However, Copenhagen is undersupplied with residential property. Prices have gone up, but demand is fundamentally strong. For institutional and professional investors looking to take advantage of the possibilities in the Danish property market, the place to go is Fokus Asset Management A/S.