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Finance & Real Estate

European Business Industries


The balance of old and new

Digitization is a global challenge and is gaining momentum. Also banks need to come to terms with technologies that have transformed sector after sector. There is increasing pressure on financial institutions to move to a digital business. Cassa Rurale di Rovereto is one of the many banks facing these new challenges. The bank is deeply rooted in the region and has always put the individual needs of its clients first.


Trade finance specialists for the future markets

Since the financial crisis of 2007 which finally resulted in a world economic crisis, the financial market significantly changed. Many non-bank players entered the market. At the same time, the traditional banks keep withdrawing from several business fields in order to minimize their risks. One of these fields which are not covered by the banks any more is financial trading in emerging markets. Here, the DF Deutsche Forfait AG, based in Cologne, Germany, comes into the game.


Commercial property consultancy

Real estate is one of the most popular and stable investment opportunities available. However, in order to maximize returns, it is best to take advice from a property expert. It is even better to avail oneself of the comprehensive services offered by a specialist commercial property consultant such as SPG Intercity SA in Geneva. Founded in 2000 as a joint venture between Société Privé de Gérance in Geneva and Intercity in Zurich, the company was created to offer a service that up until then was not available in the Swiss market: consultancy and brokerage.