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Textile Industry & Fashion

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Treating fabrics the Italian way

Fabric is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when we think of innovation, but the reality is that it is used in a multitude of applications, all of which require the fabric to be dyed and finished in a particular way. This processing is today a complex, high-tech activity. Italy, with its world-famous fashion and automotive industries, has a huge demand for fabric finishing. With a history dating back some 45 years, one of the leading companies in this sector is Tintoria Finissaggio 2000 Srl.


Italian leather goes green

Italian leather is highly acclaimed all around the world. The most exclusive fashion houses appreciate its unique quality. It comes as no surprise though that in 2017, the Italian leather tanning industry was worth 20% of global manufacturing and 65% of the European one. Despite deep historical roots many companies are open to new ideas and concepts. Among them is Conceria Leather World srl in Solofra – a tannery that strives to produce exclusive leather products in harmony with and respect for the planet and its natural ecosystems.


Warm up or cool down: a firm for all seasons

Summer 2018 has been one of the hottest on record; beaches and pools have been full to overflowing, and demand for swimwear has seldom been higher. When air conditioning and fans are operating at full pelt, it is hard to envisage snuggling up with a hot water bottle. In Europe though, winter is never too far away. German manufacturer Fashy GmbH thrives on extremes in temperature, hot and cold. Its range of stylish swimwear and pool and beach accessories is complemented by its selection of hot water bottles and heat packs. Fashy is truly a company for all seasons.

Interview with Timo Beelow, Founder and Managing Director of wijld GmbH

Part 1: Have style, be green – with clothing made from wood fibers

More than half of our clothing is produced from petroleum – a model that Timo Beelow is convinced is not sustainable. That is why he and two colleagues founded wijld, a company which claims to have discovered a significantly more sustainable resource: Wijld produces t-shirts, sweaters and much more from wood fibers. European Business spoke with Timo Beelow about his high demands on sustainability and environmental friendliness, his lessons from the crowdfunding campaign in the early stage of his company, and the special wearing comfort of his wood shirts.


Stitching with a successful thread

The fashion world is synonymous with ground-breaking ideas; developing new trends and designs are what keeps the wheels of the fashion industry turning. However, the concept of trailblazing does not end with the style of the clothes that appear on the catwalk or in high street stores; the materials they are made from are often equally innovative. Italian firm Manifattura Italiana Cucirini SPA has been supplying sewing thread to garment manufacturers for over 40 years, and continues to create new, cutting-edge yarns with unique characteristics to meet the exacting demands of fashion designers around the world.


A tradition of fine leather

The small town of Monte Urano in the Province of Fermo in Italy has been an important center for shoe production in the country for many decades. Many footwear factories are located in this region, producing shoes for men, women and children, which are famous around the world. Santori Pellami s.p.a., headquartered in Monte Urano, provides shoe producers with a broad range of the finest leather and has been serving its customers since 1890.


Winning by a length

With a nose ahead in the equestrian fashion stakes, Kingsland AS in Norway has managed to go from novice to top of the leader board in a very short space of time. Founded by Lin E. Kingsrød in 1999, the company was born out of her desire for more functional riding clothing for herself when out on horseback in all weathers. Having failed to find what she wanted in the traditional market, she decided she would have to make it herself. Over the past 17 years, her label has come to define the equestrian lifestyle.

Interview with Henrik Bunge, CEO of The Björn Borg Group

The world doesn’t need more black shirts, but a brand that inspires

In the 1970s, Björn Borg was a world-famous Wimbledon champion. These days, however, his name may be more closely identified with sports apparel and underwear: The Björn Borg Group, founded many years after Borg’s retirement as an athlete, has transformed his name and history into a strong brand with a high recognition value. European Business spoke with the company’s CEO Henrik Bunge about staying up to date with consumers‘ demands, crafting a strong brand from an inspiring individual’s journey and the need for recruiting the right people to achieve success.


Making waves

For retailers selling the right brands, sportswear and sports equipment sales are booming. In a crowded market, there are some brands that have become synonymous with their sport. Such is the case for Speedo, which is indelibly associated with swimming and highly regarded as the top brand in the sport. All Sport Benelux NV has been distributing Speedo products to retailers in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands for the past 50 years. It has played a significant role in the success of not just Speedo but also of other leading sporting brands such as Nike.

Interview with Eva Fraenkel, Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Rapunzel of Sweden AB

Beautiful hair for everyone

After a misguided haircut, Rapunzel of Sweden’s founder, Ida Backlund, quickly realized the huge impact hair can have on a person’s self-esteem. With this in mind, she started a business of her own providing men and women across the globe with access to beautiful, natural hair. European Business spoke with Eva Fraenkel, Head of Marketing and E-commerce at Rapunzel of Sweden AB, to find about more about this company’s humble beginnings and future plans.